Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B's growin!

I think Brady is having a growth spurt. He seems to have shot up in height way more over Jax than he usually is, and he's getting heavy for me to lift out of things like his car seat and crib for the first time in his life. I just checked on him like I do every night around 10pm, and when I looked down at him sleeping, I noticed his body is starting to resemble a kid rather than a toddler. It's a strange feeling to put into words, but it's a bitter sweet feeling.
He's definitely been eating a lot more lately, so I'm interested to see where he falls on the growth chart at his 3 yr old appointment in July.
I was asked last weekend if the boys were "Irish twins", meaning they were born within a year of each other. I laughed and said that while they have some Irish heritage in them, they are in fact "actual twins" born the same day, er, minute. Many people don't understand how identical twins can be different heights and weights. I still think the boy's weights are within 2-3lbs of each other, so the height is the biggest difference right now... that, and Brady's GIANT head (he gets that from his Dad!).

Jax's health has remained amazing lately and I'm not counting down the days this time. The chiropractor asked, and I realized this is the first time I didn't have an exact number in my head and decided I'm going to keep it that way this time. I know it's been "weeks" and I'm loving it.
With all of the extra physical activity Jax has had with being outside in the nice weather, we notice his head tilt comes back within about 4 days of a chiropractor adjustment, so we've continued weekly adjustments when usually the lack of vomiting like this would allow him to go 10+ days without an adjustment. This is his first full summer really walking and running, so we certainly learn as we go along!
Jason is gone for work today (Wed) through Friday, and I'm hoping my superstition of things going wrong when he's gone is squashed this week. It's always uncanny, so here's to hoping that doesn't happen - so far so good!

The boys are still struggling with speech. Jax will try to imitate us a few times each day. He tries to say, "what's up DUDE" and it comes out, "uhh uhh DUUU". I'm still referred to as "dada" and can't wait to hear the words, "mama" some day. They always give me something to look forward to!

Jason's name on the score board at the Brewer's game on Tuesday night for his birthday.

Brady in the tub tonight. He loves to look at himself in the reflection of the tub faucet. He really likes to wear the Mr. Potato head glasses and look at himself this way. I'll have to catch that sometime!

Bath-time silliness. Jax is on the left, Brady on the right.

Jax followed Brady and put a foam bath letter in his mouth.

And then quickly realized he HATES things in his mouth!


Jenn said...

The first picture of the boys together in the tub I would have guessed that Brady may have been Jax...I can tell them apart in the next few pictures but that one got me! :)

Pyjammy Pam said...

Yay! So glad Jax is doing well. :) And love the tub pictures. Such handsome dudes!