Friday, May 20, 2011


Today was such a gorgeous day and we certainly soaked up every moment of it! I gave the boys a surprise today and picked up two used Little Tikes Cozy Coupes for them from Craig's List. The boys went crazy when I pulled them out of the truck. They played in these cars the entire day. One of the cars is a fancy police car, and the other is the original plain red car, and of course they both fight over the simple red one, go figure!
Jason and I finally got the swing set stained. That is quite the job and we're so happy that it's done! We dug out some old landscaping on the side of the house tonight after the kids went to bed, and I swear it just never ends.

Jax is about the same with his health. He has good mornings and bad mornings. This morning he got sick when he woke up, but then ended up taking his breakfast after that fine. He was outside wearing his backpack for lunch and we think he got too hot because he got really sick. Jason leaned Jax over into the grass to vomit and I was shocked to see him bring up as much as he did. But after he was finished, he seemed a lot better. I brought him in for water and to wash his hands and head hoping that would cool him off. He hasn't thrown up like that in awhile.
I *think* he's close to calling me mama because he pauses now before calling me dada, and I heard him once or twice babble mama in his Turkish Twin Talk he has with Brady, but so far I'm just waiting on my toes to hear those magical words!

Brady is still keeping me smiling and laughing every single day. He is hysterical and such a little love bug. He has been keeping his 2 piece pj's on in bed lately, so that's such a great relief to not worry so much about him taking off his diaper in bed! He hasn't gotten out of his crib either, so that must have been a 2-day phase just to scare me! I know we need to transition him out of his crib sooner or later, but I'll take later! Especially since he runs into Jax's room like a wild monkey the moment he gets out of bed in the morning!

The finished swing set!

Jaxon threw his dirty diaper in the toilet. Yup, they're starting to understand where it will go soon enough! But I don't like finding it in there! I went to get the camera and Brady was about to take it out - gah! Get your hands out of the toilet child!

The boys loving their cars!

Brady proved that even the simplest toy can be confusing.

I seriously can not stop laughing...

I mean really...

My love bugs!

** Disclaimer: Brady was laughing through all the car incidents. I had tears from laughing so hard with him. He is SO funny!


Pyjammy Pam said...

that's hilarious! So cute!

Jenn said...

Love these pics. We got a second hand cozy coupe too in a lot worse shape (no stickers, gas cap missing, etc.) but Cole still loves it!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, Brady had me laughing so hard, Josh had to come in the room to see what I was laughing at.

Mary said...

Look how big they are getting! I love the cars, so cute!

Wendy said...

omg... BRADY! hahha