Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi baybay

We have continued good health here and we're loving it. I'm not sure how close my scale is to the doctor's, but I weighed Jax yesterday and he seems to have gained about a POUND since his last GI appt just over 3 weeks ago. It's amazing how his body works when he's not actively sick. He also peed all over the scale and then tried to clean it up.

Brady seems to be getting more and more frustrated with his lack of speech. He doesn't know how to tell us what he wants at times and it turns into him crying and screaming over something as simple as he wants the banana peel left half on.

We visited the Bonin babies last night and the boys weren't as chaotic over there as they have been in the past. Don't get me wrong, they're still curious monkeys, but I was able to hold a baby and visit for a bit! It's great to see preemies doing so well! Jax loved looking at the babies and kept saying "Hi baybay", "bye baybay".
On our way home we stopped for some frozen custard and of course Big B was LOVING it. I gave some to Jax and he made the most AWFUL face, but then kept opening his mouth for more. We think the cold feeling bothered him, but he seemed to love the taste! He did multiple big open mouth bites for us!

Brady used the babies' bouncy chair as his own personal recliner to watch the baseball game.

The boys wanted to help Craig change Drew's diaper. I'm sure these guys would be SUPER helpful with duties like this...


Merks said...

Our 2 year old is forever trying to help us with everything baby related. Unfortunately that usually includes taking all of the wipes out of the container for diaper changes. She's a thorough cleaner. LOL

Doubly Blessed said...

A pound?! That is awesome!