Monday, May 23, 2011

It's getting hot in heere

Whew! I've got some pink shoulders from the last few days of being outside. We took the boys to Jason's softball game on Sunday, and it was so nice outside! The boys were actually rather well behaved so it was very enjoyable. They love looking at the Bonin baby twins, but we still need to remind them to not shake the carriers or throw their sippy cups directly IN the carrier either.

We've been working in the yard a lot (of course) and have about half of everything we want to do done. I think Jason has way too much fun pulling out old bushes with a chain and the truck. We found a birds nest in a tree right outside our patio door. There are about 4-5 baby birds and I love watching them! I keep trying to show the boys the baby birds but they just want to shake the tree or yell and make bird noises. Ahhh yes, little boys.

Jax has not been doing great the last few mornings. He's been having his full vomits either half way through or shortly after his breakfast feed. I was able to catch most of it with a basin while at the park on Sunday morning, so I'm pretty quick like a bunny in that regards. It's helpful to have his bib on when it happens so it can wipe away any vomit that comes out of his nose. I feel so bad making him wear a bib in public at this age, but it's helpful when he goes through these cycles. Jason thinks Jax just isn't used to warm weather and it's making him sick, but it may just be a virus running its course. It's hard to tell.
This morning I only gave him half his feed at a very slow rate and he kept that down, so I'll just modify his feeds again in the hopes this will pass soon.

In cute-news, I NEED to capture video of the boys singing to a song on TV. Jason and I were laughing SO hard watching them go through the motions that it must be seen by everyone. I'll try my best this week to catch it. Jason will be gone the entire week, so I'll do anything to keep us as occupied as possible!

Playing at the park.

The boys fawning over baby Drew while Craig peeks in during his game.

The boys watching a game with Jason and pretending to play too.

Brady driving around some perennials we were planting on Sunday.

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Kelly said...

I haven't commented in awhile, but I'm still following along. :) You're such a super mom!