Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lot of time around the house this weekend. It seemed like our yard work would never end! Although, Jason and I were able to get a few hours to ourselves on Saturday. We dropped the kids off at Rachel's and we headed down to the outlet mall to get some power shopping in during the huge sales (and my stackable coupons) to get the kids some much needed clothes. We played outside with them the rest of the day in the yard.
On Sunday we ran a lot of errands and did some perrenial planting while outside with the kids, but then we spent the rest of the day inside because of storms. This is where I started the large project of cleaning out the boy's clothes and putting away the new ones.
Today was sunny and HOT out (gotta love the extreme climate changes in Wisconsin) and took the boys to the zoo in the morning. The Bonins met us there as their first trip with their baby twins for the outing. It was a nice time to walk around and make animal sounds.
During the boy's nap, Jason and I finished up our yard work and wow, we needed 2nd showers after that!
We had an impromptu cookout with the Bonins and some friends of theirs that have 2 young boys. We could only stand to be outside a bit longer and ended up coming in to eat our food.

Jax's health has been a roller coaster. He was good on Thursday through Saturday, but got sick on Sunday, and then twice today. He hasn't gotten sick after breakfast AND lunch now since he had pneumonia, so I hope that quiets back down.
Brady has a nasty runny nose that he woke up with today and didn't want to eat breakfast or lunch, but then again, he was totally focused on wanting to play with the cars and trains that the neighbor boys handed down to us this weekend.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quiet week!
(sorry I don't have more pictures...)

Yup, that's Brady wearing my headband.

The boys feeding the goats for the first time this season.

All the boys playing after dinner.

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Jenn said...

Love the headband! How does Jason like it? Tony is better but still gets mortified when Cole wants to put on my dress shoes, pick out my earrings or anything girly :)