Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain go away!

The boys and I ran in the rain today to get from the car to Jax's chiropractor appointment. Brady hates rain and Jax loves it, go figure. So I carried both of them at the same the time, and in my rush to get in, Brady's rain boot fell off. You would've thought he lost his puppy with his sad face when we got inside. No worries, the boot was saved. Yes, these are the details of my day.

My experiment with Jax in the mornings went well the last two days, but this morning he got sick at only about 40 minutes into his slow feed, so I guess I really can't control it all that much. He's doing fine otherwise, although he has become extremely clingy to me in the last day. He needs to be in my arms constantly and it's either because he may be getting sick or because he hasn't seen Jason now since Sunday. This morning the boys were saying DADA and looking up at the stairs when I was getting them dressed, and I kept telling them they'd be seeing him tonight.
Well it's a good thing they don't understand what that means because Jason got stuck in St. Louis with all the bad weather and won't be home until late tonight. The boys will get to see him when they wake up, but then they won't see him again until Saturday morning, so they better get their loving in with him tomorrow! I'm just happy Jason's safe! He's always stuck in bad weather in that area with either snow, rain or tornadoes it seems - it scares me when he's traveling in that kind of weather.

I was making Brady his lunch and Jaxon came by and took an oven glove out of the drawer and walked away. I followed and found him pretending to take food out of his play kitchen oven.

Look at these HAMS tonight!
(Jax on the left, Brady on the right)

They're saying CHEEEESE

Here's a 2 minute video of the boys showing off.


Melissa said...

haha... they are such happy boys and look like adorable little men with their buzz cuts.

Michele said...

Oh my gosh they are so big now.

Wendy said...

aww!! They are so sweet, Annie. I love the cheese faces <3
Safe travels to Jason, I hope he made it home safely.