Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeding stand off

Jaxon was up heaving at 4:30am on Thursday morning, and then vomited his breakfast twice later in the morning. I was worried he was really getting sick. Now it's Friday afternoon, and he's been fine since, other than being extremely clingy to me. I can't figure him out!

He's been doing well with holding food and putting it up to his face to pretend to eat it. I've been getting him to kiss and lick pieces of fruit, although a small piece of watermelon got into his mouth and he vomited trying to get it out on Wednesday night.

Today during feeding therapy with Mr. Nick, Jax was NOT having it. He screamed and cried and gagged for what felt like forever. He wouldn't even take water. We have to get rid of the highchairs this weekend since Jax fights badly when you try to put him in it now, even though he'd fit in it for probably another year. We're going to put the boy's booster chairs at the kitchen table, and while that will cause a bigger mess for us, it may make for less of a fight with Jax.

Jax has Feeding Clinic at the hospital on Monday and we'll be there most of the day since we're doing a breakfast and lunch trial. We've never done this before, so it should be interesting and exhausting. I wonder what they'll think of his weight...

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Laney said...

I hope all goes well monday, Good Luck. & OMG I can't believe the boys are almost 3.