Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeding Team Update

Jax had an amazing session with the feeding psychologist today. We went in early to do a breakfast session and then again in the afternoon for a lunch session. I took Jax to a nearby park to play in between sessions. He did great with different tastes of liquid and big bites of apple sauce and some yogurt. Jax weighed in at 22lbs 7oz, so he took a small hit from his cold last week. They were happy to see his weight gain from the pneumonia, but obviously with Jax's height growth, he needs to gain even more weight for his height-to-weight ratio to be good. He is still too small and getting sick too often to get into any kind of actual daily "clinic", so we do the wait-and-see game again. Jax won't see the entire team again until Halloween day, which feels like FOREVER away. So our job is to fatten this boy up and keep him healthy.
I'll be starting up his Cyproheptadine again to see if that helps his tummy a bit and increases his hunger again. Otherwise Jax still has good days and bad. His GI system seems to be purging the last of the virus now, so I'm hoping for a nice long run.

The boy's new obsession. They run into the guest room and get under the covers of the bed to pretend to sleep. Just what I need... another bed to get messed up every day!

Brady and I cheering on Jason at his softball game.

The boys cheering on Daddy together during batting practice.
*They never sat nicely like this once the game started. Nope, they ran around causing me wrinkles through every inning.

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Heather said...

Adorable pictures! I know it isn't nearly the same, but when the allergist said he didn't want to see J&V back for a year, it hurt worse than any of their test results.

I hope Jax can "fatten up" and get a clinic. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope alive. xoxo