Monday, June 27, 2011

Get the kid off the field!

Wow, we had a beautiful weekend, so you can expect we were outside the entire time. We took the boys to Jay's softball tournament on Saturday, and since there was no playground, you can imagine the boys had little to keep them occupied. They loved playing on the field in between games, but during the game, they could only drag around bats and play with balls for so long before getting into a bit of mischief. Jaxon actually went ONTO the field during the end of the game which mortified me!

After the first game, we brought the boys home for lunch and naps and I sent Jason back to his next game alone because I'd rather play with the boys in the yard or at a park. Jason came home in between the next set of games and we took the boys to dinner. Yesterday (Sunday) we played outside in the great weather and had a visit from Shannon and her baby twins, and then Jason and I took the boys swimming at Auntie Rachel's for the rest of the day, but not without stopping for some frozen custard on the way home, yum!

Jax's health remains great. He still drinks his sippy of flavored milk with some better days than others. Brady is still as dramatic and hilarious as ever with breaking down this morning because the top of his banana broke off and he couldn't get to go back together. He MUST eat his banana from the skin, or not at all. How diva of him :)

The boys running the base line on the softball field.

I scared Brady. He thought he was in trouble for sneaking out the sidewalk chalk.

Jax giving baby Drew a head bump.

Jason, 2 kids and a pug named Cash swimming in the pool.

Rachel and the boys having fun.

Dennis said he swaddled Jax.

Brady walking around like a superhero with big muscles! We got the boys some swimming suits that have built in floatation devices in the shirts and the boys looked pretty funny in them.

Look at Big B's muscles...

And his cute chicken legs... I have no idea why he took his shorts off and put his boots on, but it truly depicts this hilarious kid!

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