Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! We had a morning planned for the zoo, but by the time we were about to leave this morning, there was a thunderstorm! Change of plans to say the least. We ran a few errands and then had lunch at Jason's pick. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and the boys were pretty good, so that was nice! We were able to get the boys outside after their naps and it ended up being pretty nice, other than some humidity and mosquitoes.

We had a fun Saturday with a birthday party in the morning (Miss Olivia turned 4) and our friends who have 3 year old twins came over for a cook out that evening. The boys had so much fun running around all night with Cecilia and Marshall.

Jax has shown to really like strawberry and chocolate milk. I found some non-fructose powder to use, and Jax drank over an ounce rather quickly on Saturday and Sunday. I plan to start him up on his Cyproheptadine medication tomorrow, so it will be neat to see how much he'll consume with that hunger stimulant now. I need to get some whole milk and heavy whipping cream to start making his drinks now that he seems to be wanting to drink an actual volume. Yay! This is great!

The boys running away with the balls at the birthday party.

We stripped the boys of their shirts to have some cupcakes. I caught Jax in a RARE moment. He has his tongue out! He's taking a small lick of the frosting all on his own!

Then Jason encouraged him by taking a lick as well. The boys thought that was pretty funny.

Then Jax just wanted to feed Daddy and was all done with that activity.
And Brady is asking for more!

This was the only way to keep Brady from trying to open the birthday girl's gifts. So while the crowd watched gift opening, Jay was off to the side taking batting practice with Big B.

Once the boys got their buckets and bubbles to take home, they were out of there!

At home playing with Cecilia and Marshall

Kids eating dinner

The boys surveying the rain this morning. Yes, they're in rain boots and shorts.

Jax with his hands in his pocket looking to Jason for an answer of what to do for the day.


Melissa said...

Adorable pictures and yay Jax!!!

Matt said...

Love the last picture, he's so serious with his rain boots and hands in his pockets :)