Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mmmmm dada

Jax definitely got Brady's cold. He's doing okay, but has the hardest time at night in bed. He was up moaning and gagging last night, so I sloooowly pushed Zofran and Tylenol through his tube and stood over him like a statue hoping he'd keep his food down. I could tell when the meds started to help him because he slept soundly after that. He kept his breakfast down, but got sick in bed finishing his lunch. I made sure to give him Zofran and Tylenol right before bed tonight and he's been sleeping soundly while on the pump all night now.
Basically he just has a really runny nose and is a bit clingy, so hopefully that's all this is until he gets over it. Brady has already pretty much kicked his cold, but he recovers rather quickly from quick virus' like this.

A quick funny note. Jason was practicing sounds and words with the boys during their bath last night while I put their laundry away. I hear Jason practicing the word mama, and he said, "mmmmmmma mmmmmmma". I then hear Brady say, "mmmmmmmm dada". We laughed pretty hard from that. They just CAN'T say that word-sound for some odd reason. They will moo like a cow, but can't get the "a" at the end of "m". If you tell them to bring mama something, they always bring it to me, so they know *I* am mama, and Jason is "daddy or dada", but they can only say dada, and refer to both of us as such.

Jax hanging out on a swing.
The boys playing a very interesting t-ball game with the neighbors and their nanny.

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Heather said...

I LOVE the t-ball picture! No one can ever say that they are not happy boys!

I know one of these days I will be reading about a "mama" utterance. Can't wait. Hope your household is cold-free soon.