Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remaining evaulations complete

The boys had the last of the necessary evaluations for their 3 yr old developmental needs education program. This is where the county recognizes which 3+ yr olds need extra help in order to best prepare them for kindergarten so they're at the same level as their peers. Brady was only being tested for speech and Jax was tested globally. Jax loved showing what he could do for the ladies today and was a total ham. Brady wasn't feeling it and had a little tantrum and hid in my lap. I explained to them that he is usually a VERY affectionate loving boy, and he ended up showing it a bit later in the meeting. He really wanted to just have whatever Jax had for his test and wanted to keep running away with things. The ladies didn't seem phased or judge him in any way which was reassuring.

Half way through the evaluations, they realized that Jax has really caught up to Brady physically (not completely, but he's made huge strides) and that both the boys were actually almost at the exact same level cognitively as well as speech. So with my permission, they tested Brady cognitively as well as for speech.
I'm not sure what that all means, but I think it would address Brady beyond just speech and possibly needing a more rounded "special ed preschool" setting. They were really looking for attention span, so I don't know if they're looking for pre-cursors for learning disabilities or what, but I'm just glad we're doing this early for the best possible outcome. These boys are SO bright and have amazing potential, but they just seem to need a little extra push to get them on track with kids their age level.

This will all be made clear to me at the meeting set up for June 30. There I will meet with the Early Childhood coordinator, the psychologist, the speech therapist, special education diagnostician, occupational therapist, physical therapist and the school nurse. They will give the results of all the evaluations they've done these past two weeks and present a plan for each child.
I *think* the therapists that were here today may think that the boys may get similar plans since they seem to test so similar. I have NO idea what their recommendation will be, but I'm glad to know a nurse will be there so whatever game plan we have, she's involved.


Jenn Murray said...

Annie: We are in that program in Ohio. L&K LOVE it. We actually let them ride the school bus too, which they love as well. We were only in the system for 2 months and noticed HUGE strides in speech, attention span, etc. FYI, L&K scored at an 18month level in speech at 3YO. Best of luck to you!

Tara said...

Annie,I've been following your blog for awhile now (we actually had the same due date) and I noticed that sweet girlies' has updated her blog in quite a while. I was wondering if you still talk to Brook and how they were doing? Their story has always kind of stuck with me as my daughter was born a few weeks after the girls. My heart just broke for them. I've also found myself reading a lot about SMA b/c of it. I just couldn't imagine.

Annie and Jason said...

Hi Tara,

Yes, I speak with Brook often. She and Jake are doing well considering. I'm sure she'd be touched knowing you cared and inquired.
Her story has touched so many and her girls will live on in our hearts forever.

Heather said...

Good luck with the meeting on the 30th. It is wonderful but overwhelming (at least to me) having all of these different people giving advice and recommendations.

I miss you lots.