Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shirts are hard to get off

The county school board therapists came to evaluate Jaxon yesterday for the areas of physical and occupational therapy. The boys loved both of the therapists and had fun going through their activities. I don't know how Jax did in terms of the help they think he needs, but I'll find out before their birthday. Both of the boys will be evaluated for speech next week and then the county comes up with a final plan for the boys for when they turn 3 and the school year starts in fall. It's kind of like a developmental preschool program that needs to identify and support children who need extra help to try and get them best prepared for kindergarten.

Otherwise this week is pretty normal with a visit to the chiropractor for Jax and then speech and feeding therapy later in the week. Jason is out of town in Missouri until late Thursday night, so cross your fingers he's not stuck there in a tornado or flood like he usually is!

Gee, can you tell this is Jason's son?

Actually, Brady is learning to take off his shirt and he keeps getting stuck in it!

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