Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strawberry milk!

Jax seems to really like flavored milk. He drank 2.5 oz in one sitting at dinner yesterday! He drank about 1 - 1.5 oz twice today, so not as much, but it's so nice to see him drinking an actual volume of something other than water!
Last night I used a silver nitrate stick on the tissue that is sticking out of his stoma site. Well that must have disturbed the area because when I went to take Jax off his night time feed last night around 10:30pm, his entire tube was out. I called down to Jason to come help me because Jax was covered in blood, bile and formula. We stripped him and his bed down and got to work on getting a new tube inserted into Jax. We didn't know how long his tube was out and know that the longer it's out, the stomach starts to heal itself and close the inner hole. Poor Jax was hysterical because we woke him up and took his clothes off. I opened up a new tube and Jason had to hold Jax down while I pushed a new tube through. I was sweating so bad because his hole did close up a tiny bit, so I had to really work it in. In moments like that, all I want to do is make a gross face and look away, but for Jax's sake, we keep a calm demeanor and forge through. After the tube was inserted, we washed him down, changed his bed and he went back to sleep. I felt sick after that, but was relieved we were able to re-insert the tube ourselves. Jax is such a tough little boy and is totally fine today and I'm sure has forgotten about it! 
Brady loves to say "GUCK!" each time he gets his poopy diaper changed or if I'm changing Jax. It's his way of saying, "YUCK". I love how he always sounds like a honking goose, he's so cute. Oh, random thought - I found a non-steroidal cream that works GREAT on his eczema which was flaring up pretty badly with the warm weather. We started using Alveno Baby eczema lotion after every bath, and it seems to be working great, so there's a quick product rave for ya! 
*Blogger has changed their formatting and it's not agreeing with me, so I realize it's odd, but I have no way to fix this! Gah!

Jax's Pj's and sleep sack all messed up from last night.

The boys playing a game of spinning in circles.
And falling down...


Matt said...

Yeah for Strawberry Milk!!! Fingers crossed that he keeps liking it!

Doubly Blessed said...

Poor buddy! Man that kid is amazingly strong! So are you! I don't think I'd be able to do any of that! Yay for strawberry milk though!