Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ugh... POO!

Business as usual here at Casa de Lettenberger. The boys have been mischievous in the yard with me each day. I swear we go through a can of sunblock every 2 weeks now.
Yesterday was interesting... NOT! (Do you think I can bring that saying back?)
I went to get Jaxon out of his crib after his nap and found him covered in his own poop. Yup, he got into his sleep sack (that I zip up behind him) and he took off his diaper (I just leave him in his diaper under the blanket during these warm months). He proceeded to poo and apparently play with it. Yes, everything was stripped down and he got an early bath that afternoon! I'm so happy I had an old cheap set of sheets on the bed from stripping it all down from his tube removal last week. I looked at the sheets, and had NO problem just throwing them out. They were COVERED in poo.
Oh these kids... Note to self, keep a pair of shorts on Jax under his sleep sack.
*I use a sleep sack on Jax to keep his tube secure and away from his hands so he can't disconnect himself or pull the tube out easily.

I have the boy's IEP meeting with the school district tomorrow. Jason comes home from Missouri tonight and will stay home with the boys while I go to the meeting. I'm a bit nervous, but have hope the boys will have shown improvement from previous evaluations and they'll just get the help they need. Speech is an obvious area of needed help. I'll update tomorrow evening with how this meeting went and what the plan is for the boys when the school year starts.

Look at this beautiful lunch scene of the boys both eating :)

This is a typical scene in our house. One child is running after the other screaming for a turn with a toy. And yes, that's Brady wearing a dinosaur hat and hoarding a toy. Don't be fooled, usually it's Jax waving a toy in Brady's face and running circles around him. Even though Brady is bigger and faster, Jax somehow can keep toys away from him!


Wiley said...

Wow, enough poop to throw away sheets!

Annie and Jason said...

Wiley, it was BAD. And usually I'm cleaning vomit, stomach bile and even blood out of those things, but this time... yuck... it was B.A.D.
I was not about to scrape off the ground-in poop that was from corner-to-corner and smudged into the elastic band. The $2 clearanced sheets were sacrificed!

Wiley said...

Our older son had an outfit come home in a plastic bag that had poop on it that somehow didn't get handled properly and managed to find a hidey-hole in the laundry room. When I found it, I didn't even OPEN the bag, trash. Sometimes it really is the best option.