Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update on the cold

Jax was up at 2am last night in total misery. I knew when he woke up and was coughing this morning that he was probably going to have lung issues. I checked his O2 level with the home pulse ox machine and it was 93. I gave him an Albuterol treatment and re-checked his level and it went up to 95 so I made a doctor appointment. He also started diarrhea today and lost all of his breakfast. All these symptoms are so similar to the first few days of his pneumonia except he doesn't have a fever, so that's good news!

I took the boys to the doctor and Jax's O2 was 95 with wheezing, and then 97 after a treatment from the doctor. She thinks he definitely got Brady's cold, but his lungs (and GI system) are as usual taking a hit from it. We have to give Jax double the Budesonide and an Albuterol treatment every 4 hours and have him re-checked in 24 hrs to make sure he's not declining. If he is, the doctor will give us a liquid steroid to put through his tube and she'll check him Saturday morning as well. They certainly don't screw around with Jax and his lungs after seeing how quickly he can decline, so I like having a plan of action. Hopefully he'll do great over the next day and be cleared by the doctor tomorrow and we won't have to worry anymore.
Until then... it will be another long night! Cross your fingers for Jax man please!


Wendy said...

I hope he's able to get some rest tonight, Annie. You, too <3

Jenn said...

Poor Jax! He was doing so well! Cole has a cold right now is June! We should be over this stuff!

Angie said...

Keeping ya'll in my prayers. Hope everyone feels better soon!