Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunny days

We had a nice weekend hanging around the house. Jax's lungs are much better and not requiring Albuterol anymore, so we're just giving him double the preventative Budesonide each night now. He still has diarrhea and vomiting each morning, but otherwise he's doing well. I know that sounds strange to say, but with Jax, he's acting fine other than those "usual symptoms" he'll display for awhile when recovering from an illness.
My mom came down on Saturday and we had a nice lunch. We tried to go to a church picnic, but it wasn't open until 1pm, so we headed out for some pizza. My aunt drove up from Kansas to stay with my mom for a few days, so she met us all at my house on her way up and we had a cookout. It was a nice visit.
On Sunday we played outside with the boys most of the day. We set up the sprinkler and their water table, and we just relaxed around the yard. We picked up some dinner and headed to a park for a change of scenery. The boys had a blast getting out their last few bits of energy before coming home for a ride in the wagon for a walk and then shipped upstairs for baths and bedtime. Jax has been CRABBY the last few days right around dinner time. He doesn't usually "sleep" during his naps, and now that it's summer and he's running around so much, he actually NEEDS a little nap during the day. Hopefully he'll figure that out because he's just so upset by about 6:30pm now.
Otherwise, we're all good in the hood. This week Jax gets evaluated by the county physical and occupational therapists to see if qualifies for any of their services when the school year starts up in fall. Both boys will be evaluated the week after for speech. I should know by their birthday next month what the plan of action is for one or both of the boys for therapy.

Nana Jayne and Aunt Janet with the boys on Saturday night.

The boys taking a water break from playing in the yard.

The boys enjoying their water table out in the shaded part of the yard.

Then Jason came along and terrorized them with a squirt toy!

Playing at the park after dinner tonight.

Enjoying a merry-go-round with a new friend.

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