Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Brewer game

We had a fun family-weekend around town. We took the boys to the zoo on Saturday morning for a bit and rode the train. Jax got sick on the train before it left the port, but thankfully we had our backpack with rags and wipes, so we cleaned him right up before the ride started and we continued on as if it never happened. The boys loved seeing "their goats" and feeding them with Daddy (which is their tradition).
Later that afternoon, Nana Letts stopped by on her way through town from dropping Aidan and Anesah off. Jason and I took the boys to the Zero Depth Pool at a nearby park for the rest of the afternoon. They LOVED it. It's for small children and the water doesn't get higher than 2 feet with a lot of spraying water. There's also playground equipment as well, so they ran around like wild monkeys. I forgot my camera for this part - bummer!

Today (Sunday) we attempted to take the boys to their first Brewer game at Miller Park. Well, the boys were technically at a game while I was pregnant I guess, but the first game they could see! Jay and I prepared ourselves with packing all necessities in a backpack. We stopped at McDonald's along the way so Brady could eat lunch and we ordered an extra toy. Our idea was to give the boys "new" small toys to keep their attention at the game. Well, these little smurfs worked well!

We got to the park and made the long trek up to the stadium. We arrived early so the boys could play in the tot-area. It was SO hot that we stopped constantly for drinks of water. Thankfully the boys love drinking from bottled water, so that was nice. Jax had a meltdown between playing on the equipment and going back to our seats. Jason and I were nervous for the game to start and crossed our fingers to make it through at least 2 innings. We got to our seats and the boys did rather well. We gave them each their own seat and Jason was able to stand on the other end of them in the aisle (which we were surprised to get permission to do).

The boys played with their smurfs and clapped along with the crowd. Brady was in heaven to eat popcorn and hold his own bottle of water. Dare I say... while sitting in our seats, the game was actually enjoyable! After the 5th inning we decided to walk the boys to another kid-friendly area, and after that point, the boys were done. So we left at the end of the 6th inning. We think they would've made it to the 7th inning if we stayed in our seats.
So these are our observations about small kids at a game like this:
1. Aisle seats - this is a must!
2. Get the kids their own seats. The cheap seats aren't so bad up on the terrace!
3. Pack your own snacks and bottled water.
4. Bring one backpack with everything.
5. Bring a new small toy to entertain.
6. Get seats on a side you know will be in the shade. (Miller Park - right field side)
7.  If you have a kiddo that is immunocompromised (or germs make you squirm), pack hand sanitizer for sure. Your kid will touch everything and want to sit on the ground rather than the seat at times, and you need to just let them. Just sanitize up every so often.
8. Go to the game not expecting to watch a ton of it, and don't expect to stay through the whole thing. With this attitude, it will feel more successful!
9. Hope and pray that your child doesn't puke, poop or throw a tantrum. So seriously... pray.

The boys and I waiting for the train.

Jax and Jason enjoying the ride

Feeding the goats

Jax running to areas he's not allowed to be in

The boys had the run of the playground at the zoo

Saying MOOO at some cows

Brady driving a tractor

Brady about to get his hair buzzed

See this? That's Jax walking on the grass without his shoes on! He's getting better with his sensory issues. (He's in just a diaper because he's about to get his hair cut next)
The boys playing at Miller Park

At the game!

Brady loving his popcorn

Jax clapping with the crowd

Jax giving Jason a high five during a run

Checking out the game while walking around

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's been "that" kind of day

It's been raining all day today and beside going to the chiropractor, the boys have been inside playing. I had two choices at the end of the day. I could either take this opportunity to organize everything after the kids went to bed, or have the boys help me and have nothing organized, but then it would be done once they're in bed and I could eat some ice cream and watch TV.
I chose option 2 and enjoyed some mint chocolate chip :)

** I received the paperwork that I forgot at the doctor's office during the kid's physical. Brady's height is 35 1/2" (5-10%) and Jax's height is 35 1/4", although Jax's height just doesn't seem right since he looks at LEAST an inch shorter than Brady.

Monday, July 25, 2011


We've all had a nice past few days. The boys had a blast over at Rachel and Dennis' house for the weekend. Jason and I had a nice weekend in the suburbs of Chicago for a wedding. Jay and I had dinner alone on Friday night since we haven't done it since our anniversary almost a year ago. One of us always stays back with the kids while the other sees their friends, or if we get a night out together, we usually spend it with other couples so we can see them. Most of our actual "dates" consist of movies off Netflix and ice cream, and we don't mind!
Anyway, there was SO much rain and storming where we were this weekend. The storms woke us up at 3am and Jay and I were looking out the window at cars stuck in the water! Needless to say, we didn't get a ton of sleep!

When I took Jax off his pump last night, he had vomit on himself and his pillow. I stripped his shirt and saw that it was only the strawberry milk he had drank at dinner, how odd. I took the boys to a park this morning and Jax vomited all over the equipment and my leg. Once he was done, he drank some water and took off playing for the next hour (while I cleaned the equipment and myself). It wasn't super hot or anything - I think it was high 70's at 10am when I took them. He doesn't act like he's starting a cycle, so I'm assuming/hoping, they're just isolated incidents.

The boys can say "auntie" sometimes now when asked. It sounds more like, "In-tie", but it's close! Brady said it when we got them home yesterday and I texted Rachel that she was a dead woman ;)
Brady has been a snuggle bunny with me and Jax has been kind of beastie. This week looks to be about 10 degrees cooler than last week, so we'll be trying to enjoy that! Jason will be gone for a work trip now until Thursday, so I think we'll do a tour of different parks around the area to keep things moving.

The boys playing alphabet at the park this morning.

Brady getting ready for a wagon ride last week.

Jax swingin' away last night after dinner.

Brady learning how to push Jax on the swing.

This is what happens after about an hour into play at the park. The boys start to get daring and I get wrinkles and chase them everywhere!

Friday, July 22, 2011

3 Year Physicals

The boys did well at their doctor appointment today. They don't get any immunizations until 4 years old now, so this is a nice break from shots! They were both rather charming and happy until the last 10 minutes when they were done and wanted out!
Jax checked out great and we went over his lung issues and reviewed the plans of action given certain circumstances.
Brady also checked out great, except for the small spot that he's had on his neck for some time. I always thought it was his eczema, but it turns out it's call a mastocytoma. It's an area that contains a lot of hystamine, so when it's rubbed, he gets hives and random diarrhea. This makes so much sense why he gets random yucky diapers and Jay and I realized it's after we rub lotion on it after bath time (assuming it's always been eczema) and after rubbing sun block on him, huh! The spot is supposed to clear up on it's own over time. The doctor rubbed it to be sure of what it was and sure enough, he got hives on his chest - amazing! So our job is to make as little contact with it as possible and that's it!

I forgot the boy's paperwork at the doctor's office, but I remember some of the numbers:

Jaxon  - weight: 23lbs, 14oz (well below the weight curve) and I don't remember his exact height, but it was also below the chart. There is a nice jump up from Jax's last exam 6 months ago, so while his numbers are still low, he shows growth. Given his pneumonia setback, he's on a decent track.

Brady - weight: 26lbs, 4oz (Juuuust under the 5%) and his height was exactly the same making his height-to-weight ratio almost perfect. So for his height, he's at perfect weight and that's why he doesn't look "underweight" when you look at him. He actually looks like a perfectly sized kid unless you put him next to another 3 yr old, then he just looks small, but not skinny or malnourished. The nightly Pediasure snacks are helping. Jax only looks skinny if his shirt is off, but pretty good with clothes on.

So usually a child doesn't need another physical until 4 years old, but our doctor wants to see the boys in 6 months just to stay on top of their growth and review their development. She said they were not ready for potty training yet, but we can review that as well at their next appointment. I laughed when she looked at Jason and told him he needs to invite them into the bathroom and continually describe what he's doing - haha, what great pee-pee bonding time for them!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boring. And that's fine by me!

We're totally boring this week! It's been SO hot that I can't take the boys outside during the times I usually do. Jax vomited for no reason yesterday morning, but he's been fine since. I've had the chiropractor seeing both boys the past two weeks since Brady did a lot of big falls recently. Brady is close to back on track and doesn't need to be seen for another 2 weeks now, but Jax's neck just doesn't want to hold it's alignment for more than 7-10 days. So he's still a weekly patient for that.

The boys have their physicals on Friday and then will spend the weekend with Auntie Rachel while Jason and I attend a wedding in IL. I really hope the forecast is wrong, and we get some relief from the heat so the boys can run around outside again~

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beating the heat

We had a very laid back weekend. Jason left Friday for his State softball tournament on Friday, so the boys and I did a lot of playing in the yard that evening. We only did a little of that on Saturday because it was cloudy and very muggy out. Shannon and her babies came over later on Saturday, so we got to hang out and play with the kids and babies inside the cool air conditioning.
On Sunday, Jason got home late morning and we took the kids out to Rachel's pool. The boys actually went down for their naps shortly after arriving, so Jay and I hung outside in the pool with Rachel, Dennis and Nicole! Yup, we got to see Nicole and Evan most of the day yesterday, so we certainly had a fun relaxing day trying to beat the heat some good friends!
The boys didn't get up until close to 3pm, so they went in the pool for about an hour and we went home. It was perfect since I didn't want them outside too much with the heat index up past 100.

Jax's health is pretty good. He's had a little bit of diarrhea randomly, but it doesn't seem to affect his vomiting at all. His pump rate is back to a nice number again so it's not taking SO long for him finish a meal (2.5 hrs vs 3 hrs makes a big difference). He soaked his bed last night with getting his extension detached, so other than having to change him and his bed out at 10:30pm, life is pretty good. He's been bringing his milk cup to me again to drink small amounts of flavored milk again. He doesn't drink a good volume, but he's interested and drinking a little, so that makes me happy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The three year old pranks have begun!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little men! Today they turned three years old, wow, I have to get used to that! The boys started the day off with a bang. I got Brady out of his crib (yes, we're not moving him out until he shows signs he wants out and we'll continue loving our sleep in the meantime) and he had his legs through one opening of his pj shorts like a mermaid. Sure enough, he took his shorts and diaper off and this was his attempt to put his shorts back on. And yes, he peed all over everything in his bed. So I stripped everything out and we all went downstairs.
After the kids were settled, I drank some iced tea to find myself with a mouthful of peppers and garlic. Brady poured an entire bottle of Italian dressing into my ice tea pitcher. How do I know it was Brady? Well, Jax isn't strong enough to open the fridge door, and I found the empty dressing bottle in the recycle bin in the garage - that has Brady's name all over it since he's obsessed with throwing things away and recycling. That stinker!
Jax decided that he was going to go outside while I was in the family room with Brady. We walked in the kitchen and didn't see Jax. I looked everywhere and didn't see an open door. I looked outside anyway and found Jax knocking on the neighbor's door. (sigh...) Really? Mom of the year!

I proceeded to take out the hose and water our flowers. After I was done, I turned the spout off and put the hose down. I went to grab something and sure enough, Jax turned the spout on and I was sprayed with water. I actually had washed, dried and done my hair and makeup knowing we'd be going out for dinner, so getting soaked wasn't fun! (sigh)
All was saved though. When I was in the bathroom, Jax walked in and patted the toilet. He then patted his bum and said, "POOP". Sure enough, he had poo'd in his diaper. Look at that cognitive-brilliance! (smiles!)

So we took the boys to Stonefire Pizza Co, which is supposed to be like an upper class Chuckie Cheese sort of place. The boys had a great time. It was nice that the restaurant part was separate from the game room, except for toddler rooms near the dining room, so that was nice!

So let's see. The boys are officially three years old today, so I figured I could take a moment to list off some of their current personality traits.

Brady - sensitive, loving, funny, laid-back, loves to dance and sing, wants to please you, likes order

Jax - strong willed, brave, loving, sweet, kind, messy, happy

*They both love trucks, cars, planes, trains, pretending to eat and drink (tea parties), books, bikes, animals, playgrounds, coloring, cartoons, music, balls, bubbles, water, riding on ANYTHING and any sort of individual attention, they love other children to play with and of course they LOVE being outside.

Brady playing with the train table at the restaurant.

Both boys playing with the trains.

Playing at the water table and refusing to wear the water vest!

The boys with Jason on a jungle gym.

Cowboy Brady

Pretending to drive cars!

Look where I found Jason!

The boys in the ball gym.

Jason teaching the boys some bowling techniques.

Their favorite part was collecting tickets as they came out of the machines!
(They will have their 3 yr old physicals next Friday, so I'll have their physical stats then.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Third Birthday Party

Whew! It's been a busy last few days. We spent all of Saturday getting ready for the boy's party, and Jax started vomiting again. He was up during the night and started vomiting again early morning on Sunday. We also some questionable skies that morning as well, so the party was looking to possibly be a bit gloomy!
I gave Jax a Pedialyte pump and he crashed for a nap. He actually ended up napping through the first 45 minutes of his party! He kept all his Pedialyte down and once he was fully awake and changed, he seemed to run off in the party and really enjoy himself. We tracked him down throughout the afternoon for drinks of water, and he did rather well. We had a light misting of rain for a few minutes, otherwise it was rain-free and certainly HOT outside.
The party was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with taking breaks inside from the heat. The kids all loved the bounce house, the pinata and the cupcakes which they all so patiently waited for until after we sang the birthday song. It ended up being a great day.
After the party calmed down and it was just our neighbors hanging out, Brady came over to us and put  his head down on Jay's lap. I picked him up and sat him on my lap where he then vomited all over the both of us. Awe, poor Brady! This is really the first time he's really thrown up like that!

I brought him up to the bathtub right away, and after a bath, he couldn't get to his crib fast enough. He went to sleep immediately. We assume his tummy was a mess from all the sugar, cookies and multiple juice boxes in addition to the non-stop running around and bouncing in the heat. He doesn't get food or juice like that often, so a large amount in one sitting may have done him in. His poo was awful yesterday and today too.

The boys are doing well today, but I kept things very low key and it just so happened to storm out, so we played with some new toys in the basement most of the day! Jax has kept all his food down and Brady has taken some nice long naps :)

In other news, our trusty video monitor set has finally given out. It gave me 3 great years of daily use and it has finally bit the dust. I suppose most parents don't need to use those after 2+ years, but I still need to use one since Jax is connected to the medical pole while he's in his crib.  (sigh) It's always something, right?

Otherwise, I'm so happy that the boys were so happy at their party, and I'm counting down about 48 hrs of having my babies at the age 2 be gone forever (tear), but I'm so proud to watch them run around and about to be THREE...(wow, pinch me!)

Enjoy the photos!

My labor of love, Cookie Monster cupcakes!

Elmo too!

Ernie's Rubber Ducky game

Cookie Monster's cookies and Elmo's Golfish and Crayons.

Favor Boxes

The party scene outside before guests arrived

Cookie Monster pull-string pinata.

Brady and Layla

Jax messing up Brady's lined up ducks.

Jax drinking water from a cup like a big boy.

Me with my girl Marley.

Happy boys during their birthday song.

These are memories I'll always have. Look at those happy faces...

Jax licked the frosting once all on  his own!

Brady post-cupcake. He already looks drunk on sugar!

Cousins, Aidan and Anesah with Brady.

All the kids at the party. (Yes, that's  Jax who does NOT want to cooperate!)

Pinata insanity!

Jay with Adain doing flips in the bounce house!

The boys opened a few gifts.

Transformer face!

The Bonin Bunch

Jason with Grandpa K

Hey, why not?

Janel and Steve showing Jax a toy

We found the boys playing with some new trains by themselves in the bounce house. They were in heaven!

The back of Brady's birthday shirt