Friday, July 22, 2011

3 Year Physicals

The boys did well at their doctor appointment today. They don't get any immunizations until 4 years old now, so this is a nice break from shots! They were both rather charming and happy until the last 10 minutes when they were done and wanted out!
Jax checked out great and we went over his lung issues and reviewed the plans of action given certain circumstances.
Brady also checked out great, except for the small spot that he's had on his neck for some time. I always thought it was his eczema, but it turns out it's call a mastocytoma. It's an area that contains a lot of hystamine, so when it's rubbed, he gets hives and random diarrhea. This makes so much sense why he gets random yucky diapers and Jay and I realized it's after we rub lotion on it after bath time (assuming it's always been eczema) and after rubbing sun block on him, huh! The spot is supposed to clear up on it's own over time. The doctor rubbed it to be sure of what it was and sure enough, he got hives on his chest - amazing! So our job is to make as little contact with it as possible and that's it!

I forgot the boy's paperwork at the doctor's office, but I remember some of the numbers:

Jaxon  - weight: 23lbs, 14oz (well below the weight curve) and I don't remember his exact height, but it was also below the chart. There is a nice jump up from Jax's last exam 6 months ago, so while his numbers are still low, he shows growth. Given his pneumonia setback, he's on a decent track.

Brady - weight: 26lbs, 4oz (Juuuust under the 5%) and his height was exactly the same making his height-to-weight ratio almost perfect. So for his height, he's at perfect weight and that's why he doesn't look "underweight" when you look at him. He actually looks like a perfectly sized kid unless you put him next to another 3 yr old, then he just looks small, but not skinny or malnourished. The nightly Pediasure snacks are helping. Jax only looks skinny if his shirt is off, but pretty good with clothes on.

So usually a child doesn't need another physical until 4 years old, but our doctor wants to see the boys in 6 months just to stay on top of their growth and review their development. She said they were not ready for potty training yet, but we can review that as well at their next appointment. I laughed when she looked at Jason and told him he needs to invite them into the bathroom and continually describe what he's doing - haha, what great pee-pee bonding time for them!


A and W mom said...

Yay for good growth!

Merks said...

LOL at the potty time with daddy! I haven't had a moment alone in the bathroom since our daughter learned to open doors.

Our oldest had pneumonia for like 2 weeks and finally kicked it after 4 antibiotics.