Monday, July 18, 2011

Beating the heat

We had a very laid back weekend. Jason left Friday for his State softball tournament on Friday, so the boys and I did a lot of playing in the yard that evening. We only did a little of that on Saturday because it was cloudy and very muggy out. Shannon and her babies came over later on Saturday, so we got to hang out and play with the kids and babies inside the cool air conditioning.
On Sunday, Jason got home late morning and we took the kids out to Rachel's pool. The boys actually went down for their naps shortly after arriving, so Jay and I hung outside in the pool with Rachel, Dennis and Nicole! Yup, we got to see Nicole and Evan most of the day yesterday, so we certainly had a fun relaxing day trying to beat the heat some good friends!
The boys didn't get up until close to 3pm, so they went in the pool for about an hour and we went home. It was perfect since I didn't want them outside too much with the heat index up past 100.

Jax's health is pretty good. He's had a little bit of diarrhea randomly, but it doesn't seem to affect his vomiting at all. His pump rate is back to a nice number again so it's not taking SO long for him finish a meal (2.5 hrs vs 3 hrs makes a big difference). He soaked his bed last night with getting his extension detached, so other than having to change him and his bed out at 10:30pm, life is pretty good. He's been bringing his milk cup to me again to drink small amounts of flavored milk again. He doesn't drink a good volume, but he's interested and drinking a little, so that makes me happy!


Jenn said...

What a great thing that he is initiating wanting milk! How far he has come....

Wiley said...

Awesome news on the milk cup front!

Are there particular flavors he likes? I forget what state you are in, but do you have a grocery store that has some of the more unique milk flavors?