Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Brewer game

We had a fun family-weekend around town. We took the boys to the zoo on Saturday morning for a bit and rode the train. Jax got sick on the train before it left the port, but thankfully we had our backpack with rags and wipes, so we cleaned him right up before the ride started and we continued on as if it never happened. The boys loved seeing "their goats" and feeding them with Daddy (which is their tradition).
Later that afternoon, Nana Letts stopped by on her way through town from dropping Aidan and Anesah off. Jason and I took the boys to the Zero Depth Pool at a nearby park for the rest of the afternoon. They LOVED it. It's for small children and the water doesn't get higher than 2 feet with a lot of spraying water. There's also playground equipment as well, so they ran around like wild monkeys. I forgot my camera for this part - bummer!

Today (Sunday) we attempted to take the boys to their first Brewer game at Miller Park. Well, the boys were technically at a game while I was pregnant I guess, but the first game they could see! Jay and I prepared ourselves with packing all necessities in a backpack. We stopped at McDonald's along the way so Brady could eat lunch and we ordered an extra toy. Our idea was to give the boys "new" small toys to keep their attention at the game. Well, these little smurfs worked well!

We got to the park and made the long trek up to the stadium. We arrived early so the boys could play in the tot-area. It was SO hot that we stopped constantly for drinks of water. Thankfully the boys love drinking from bottled water, so that was nice. Jax had a meltdown between playing on the equipment and going back to our seats. Jason and I were nervous for the game to start and crossed our fingers to make it through at least 2 innings. We got to our seats and the boys did rather well. We gave them each their own seat and Jason was able to stand on the other end of them in the aisle (which we were surprised to get permission to do).

The boys played with their smurfs and clapped along with the crowd. Brady was in heaven to eat popcorn and hold his own bottle of water. Dare I say... while sitting in our seats, the game was actually enjoyable! After the 5th inning we decided to walk the boys to another kid-friendly area, and after that point, the boys were done. So we left at the end of the 6th inning. We think they would've made it to the 7th inning if we stayed in our seats.
So these are our observations about small kids at a game like this:
1. Aisle seats - this is a must!
2. Get the kids their own seats. The cheap seats aren't so bad up on the terrace!
3. Pack your own snacks and bottled water.
4. Bring one backpack with everything.
5. Bring a new small toy to entertain.
6. Get seats on a side you know will be in the shade. (Miller Park - right field side)
7.  If you have a kiddo that is immunocompromised (or germs make you squirm), pack hand sanitizer for sure. Your kid will touch everything and want to sit on the ground rather than the seat at times, and you need to just let them. Just sanitize up every so often.
8. Go to the game not expecting to watch a ton of it, and don't expect to stay through the whole thing. With this attitude, it will feel more successful!
9. Hope and pray that your child doesn't puke, poop or throw a tantrum. So seriously... pray.

The boys and I waiting for the train.

Jax and Jason enjoying the ride

Feeding the goats

Jax running to areas he's not allowed to be in

The boys had the run of the playground at the zoo

Saying MOOO at some cows

Brady driving a tractor

Brady about to get his hair buzzed

See this? That's Jax walking on the grass without his shoes on! He's getting better with his sensory issues. (He's in just a diaper because he's about to get his hair cut next)
The boys playing at Miller Park

At the game!

Brady loving his popcorn

Jax clapping with the crowd

Jax giving Jason a high five during a run

Checking out the game while walking around


Melissa said...

Looks like you all had a great weekend! This post makes me even more excited for our trip up in a few weeks.

Deanna said...

The boys are getting so big! They look like such "little boys" now. : )

We have been debating whether to take our girls to a Braves game this year or wait until next year. I think we have decided to wait, since it's a two-hour drive for us, which I think might decrease the time the girls stayed happy at the ballpark. Still, I can't wait to take them next year, since they already love to watch baseball games on tv!