Monday, July 25, 2011


We've all had a nice past few days. The boys had a blast over at Rachel and Dennis' house for the weekend. Jason and I had a nice weekend in the suburbs of Chicago for a wedding. Jay and I had dinner alone on Friday night since we haven't done it since our anniversary almost a year ago. One of us always stays back with the kids while the other sees their friends, or if we get a night out together, we usually spend it with other couples so we can see them. Most of our actual "dates" consist of movies off Netflix and ice cream, and we don't mind!
Anyway, there was SO much rain and storming where we were this weekend. The storms woke us up at 3am and Jay and I were looking out the window at cars stuck in the water! Needless to say, we didn't get a ton of sleep!

When I took Jax off his pump last night, he had vomit on himself and his pillow. I stripped his shirt and saw that it was only the strawberry milk he had drank at dinner, how odd. I took the boys to a park this morning and Jax vomited all over the equipment and my leg. Once he was done, he drank some water and took off playing for the next hour (while I cleaned the equipment and myself). It wasn't super hot or anything - I think it was high 70's at 10am when I took them. He doesn't act like he's starting a cycle, so I'm assuming/hoping, they're just isolated incidents.

The boys can say "auntie" sometimes now when asked. It sounds more like, "In-tie", but it's close! Brady said it when we got them home yesterday and I texted Rachel that she was a dead woman ;)
Brady has been a snuggle bunny with me and Jax has been kind of beastie. This week looks to be about 10 degrees cooler than last week, so we'll be trying to enjoy that! Jason will be gone for a work trip now until Thursday, so I think we'll do a tour of different parks around the area to keep things moving.

The boys playing alphabet at the park this morning.

Brady getting ready for a wagon ride last week.

Jax swingin' away last night after dinner.

Brady learning how to push Jax on the swing.

This is what happens after about an hour into play at the park. The boys start to get daring and I get wrinkles and chase them everywhere!

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