Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rain stay away!

The boys definitely have some runny noses, so that must be the reason for Jax's GI issues rearing back up. He's actually kept all his food down the last few days, but I've only given him half of his breakfast and have his lunch/dinner on a slower pace. He almost got sick the last two nights when I took him off his pump, but so far he's kept it together. He's certainly doing rather decent given his history with colds.

The boys had speech therapy this morning. Brady was not really interested in any of the flash cards and wanted to play on the piano and sing into a microphone most of the session. Jax has been having some mighty fine tantrums the past two days. I'm ready for this week to be done, next please!

We're busy getting ready for the boy's birthday party which is Sunday. Jason will be flying out for a day-trip tomorrow, so I have everything planned out by the hour so that I can get done since he'll be gone. Our weather has been gorgeous for the past week and the upcoming next few days, but of course there's rain in the forecast for Sunday - boo! Everyone do a little non-rain dance for us please!

The boys deciding which toys to take out

Chillin' chillin' mindin' my business

Brady the tool man

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Heather said...

Looks like a great party. We did Elmo for my son's 2nd birthday and our cupcakes looked similar. I am definitely impressed you conquered Elmo and Cookie Monster!