Thursday, July 14, 2011

The three year old pranks have begun!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little men! Today they turned three years old, wow, I have to get used to that! The boys started the day off with a bang. I got Brady out of his crib (yes, we're not moving him out until he shows signs he wants out and we'll continue loving our sleep in the meantime) and he had his legs through one opening of his pj shorts like a mermaid. Sure enough, he took his shorts and diaper off and this was his attempt to put his shorts back on. And yes, he peed all over everything in his bed. So I stripped everything out and we all went downstairs.
After the kids were settled, I drank some iced tea to find myself with a mouthful of peppers and garlic. Brady poured an entire bottle of Italian dressing into my ice tea pitcher. How do I know it was Brady? Well, Jax isn't strong enough to open the fridge door, and I found the empty dressing bottle in the recycle bin in the garage - that has Brady's name all over it since he's obsessed with throwing things away and recycling. That stinker!
Jax decided that he was going to go outside while I was in the family room with Brady. We walked in the kitchen and didn't see Jax. I looked everywhere and didn't see an open door. I looked outside anyway and found Jax knocking on the neighbor's door. (sigh...) Really? Mom of the year!

I proceeded to take out the hose and water our flowers. After I was done, I turned the spout off and put the hose down. I went to grab something and sure enough, Jax turned the spout on and I was sprayed with water. I actually had washed, dried and done my hair and makeup knowing we'd be going out for dinner, so getting soaked wasn't fun! (sigh)
All was saved though. When I was in the bathroom, Jax walked in and patted the toilet. He then patted his bum and said, "POOP". Sure enough, he had poo'd in his diaper. Look at that cognitive-brilliance! (smiles!)

So we took the boys to Stonefire Pizza Co, which is supposed to be like an upper class Chuckie Cheese sort of place. The boys had a great time. It was nice that the restaurant part was separate from the game room, except for toddler rooms near the dining room, so that was nice!

So let's see. The boys are officially three years old today, so I figured I could take a moment to list off some of their current personality traits.

Brady - sensitive, loving, funny, laid-back, loves to dance and sing, wants to please you, likes order

Jax - strong willed, brave, loving, sweet, kind, messy, happy

*They both love trucks, cars, planes, trains, pretending to eat and drink (tea parties), books, bikes, animals, playgrounds, coloring, cartoons, music, balls, bubbles, water, riding on ANYTHING and any sort of individual attention, they love other children to play with and of course they LOVE being outside.

Brady playing with the train table at the restaurant.

Both boys playing with the trains.

Playing at the water table and refusing to wear the water vest!

The boys with Jason on a jungle gym.

Cowboy Brady

Pretending to drive cars!

Look where I found Jason!

The boys in the ball gym.

Jason teaching the boys some bowling techniques.

Their favorite part was collecting tickets as they came out of the machines!
(They will have their 3 yr old physicals next Friday, so I'll have their physical stats then.)

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Angie said...

Looks like they had a pretty eventful birthday! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Angie and Marley