Monday, August 22, 2011

All the boys in the clubhouse

The boys and I hung out together all weekend while Jason was at Kurt's bachelor party in the Dells. We had a rainy morning on Saturday, so we had a Target run - yes, this was the highlight of my day. Thankfully the sun came out after the boy's nap and we played outside the rest of the day. We had a long morning of playing on Sunday as well, until Jason came home. The boys were pretty excited to see him, and he got the kids a few DVDs. Sure enough, the kids LOVE the movie, The Cat in the Hat with Mike Meyers. I can't wait to bring them to their first real movie at the theater. We want to see The Smurfs, since the boys are obsessed with their little Smurf figurines. Each of them has to sleep with one in each hand every night.
The Bonins stopped by late afternoon on Sunday to pick something up, and we ended up having a nice little visit! Jax likes to say, "Bye Bye BeeBee" to the babies. There was no bottle-steeling this time thankfully!

Jax got upset at me outside on Saturday and vomited a bit. He then woke up dry heaving on Sunday morning, but has been fine since. He continues to be doing pretty good with trying new words when asked, but not too many spontaneous yet. Brady is still our hold out. I'm going to take advice from a fellow MoM friend and make pictures of things like milk, water, snack etc and make them into magnets. When the kids want something I need them to point to the picture instead of whining and crying. Then we can talk about the word and I can give it to them. That's my project this week.
I'm still seeing the chiropractor for my sore neck. I can't believe it still hurts. I'm about 75% better, but it's certainly still sore. I really need to start doing some strength training as these boys get bigger!
I started my 'work from home' job this past weekend and have already accomplished a decent amount. And so the marathon has begun ;)

Jason with his Goddaughter, baby Kelsey.

Brady putting his baby Ben to sleep on the couch with a blanket and a smooch. Awe.. he'll be such a good Daddy himself some day!

Then he put himself to bed next to him.
While I was making dinner Sunday night, I looked out into the backyard and found Jason and the boys all up in the clubhouse of the swing set.

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