Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crash, boom, bang as usual!

The boys have had a rough day with diggers. While at the chiropractor's office this morning, Brady ran into Jax and his teeth smashed against Jax's head. Brady's gum line above his already beat up tooth was bleeding and Brady was NOT happy. I had him screaming and bleeding in my arms and Jax was running around like an animal. That was neat.

Later today, I noticed Jax's left eye had a pink tint to it, so I've been watching that. There's no gunk coming out of it, so hopefully it's just irritated for some reason and it's not the actual "Pink Eye" virus. (sigh)
While playing outside tonight, Jax fell down hard on our patio. Our patio concrete slabs have come apart and are a bit of a hazard with a few people taking some nasty falls. We plan to fix this when the budget permits, but until then, I try to have the boys WALK rather than run... that works out great (hear my sarcasm?). So Jax scraped up his knee pretty bad tonight and is VERY angry about it. He refused to go back outside and refuses to take a bath. You might be thinking, "how can a small three year old refuse anything? Aren't you the parent and tell them what to do?" Um, yes, but if you tried to pick up Jax right now and tell him you were putting him in the bathtub, I'd pray for your soul.
I cleaned up his knee, put some Neosporin on it and put a Scooby Doo Band Aid on the scrape. Jax now hates Scooby Doo for touching his boo-boo. He's angry at Scooby Doo... that's how bad this scrape is. It's getting ugly up in here folks.

Impromptu cookout

Jason and Brady watching baseball - Go Brewers!

I walked in on this scene while Jay was getting the boys ready for bed. Yes, he basically stripped them of their clothes and continued to watch the game :)

Caught ya! Brady trying to sneak donuts that Jason got for a client.

Jax refusing to move with his scraped up knee. I can already see all the "man-colds" in my future...

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Michele said...

"How can a small three year old refuse anything? Aren't you the parent and tell them what to do?" LMAO!!!! I have a 3-yo, no explanation necessary. :)