Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helpful chefs

What a day it's been!
Jax's eye seems better with the antihistamine. It's not completely cleared up, but it is better, so I gave another antihistamine dose before bed, and I'll see how he is tomorrow.
The boys had an exciting nap time today. I heard a huge THUD, and I had a feeling Brady went over the edge of his crib so I ran upstairs. I was greeted by JAXON at the top of the stairs! I frantically checked his tube site to see if he did damage and it appeared that he disconnected himself and climbed out! I hated having to strip his bed AGAIN, but I was so releaved that he didn't rip the tube out. We're discussing the transition down to toddler beds, but we keep coming up with issues for Jax's tube. Our idea so far is to have him take his nap (which he doesn't sleep anyway, so it's just quiet time) in his peapod tent that zips up, and then put him on his backpack from 5:00p - 7:30p and then go to bed without needing any further tube-feeding for the night. The reason we haven't been doing this all along is because we were trying to maximize Jax's time off the pump during awake hours to help him with his physical development.

The boys had speech therapy outside today. The therapist agreed that the boys need individual therapy out of the house now. Brady only gets every other week though, so when school starts for him, the 30 mins/2x wk will be a nice increase.
I spoke with Jax's teacher on the phone last night and we set up an individual class visit the week before school starts. Here we'll meet with his aid as well and go over his special needs. We're hoping Brady's speech therapist will be there too so we can set that all up as well.

The boys wanted to help me cook tonight. Wow, what a disaster! Brady always brings a little chair up to the counter and tries to help, so I give him a bowl with things to "mix". Well, Jax decided he wanted to do that too, but when I turned my back, there were eggs on the floor and Parmesan cheese all over the place. We had a little bit of chaos, but it all worked out.
I happened to get a lot of photos today, enjoy!

I love all the green around the house. I can smell fall in the air already and will miss all the leaves!

The boys being boys.

Jax waving to neighbor kids riding by on their bikes. He yells, "HI!!!"

My silly guys.

Melt me!

Brotherly love!

The boys each banging my pots and pan tops together like they're in a marching band.

So helpful at dinner.

Don't they look helpful?

I found one little last surprise. That's the butter dish.

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