Monday, August 15, 2011

Jelly seeds are evil

I'm a bit behind, sorry for the delay!

The boys had fun with the speech therapist on Thursday because we did our session outside! We had a bit of rough time during feeding therapy afterward though because we moved Jax to thicker food to try. The therapist said that since Jax can "chug" water and will drink flavored milk a bit, his throat is mechanically stable for food - as we all know he has a feeding disorder because of the tube-feeding since birth, so it's mostly psychological and he needs to be taught HOW and WHY to eat. Hence, he needs the inpatient program once his weight is sufficient.
Well, we wanted to try some jelly and maybe some peanut butter. Of course, we're talking tiny amounts to lick off a spoon to start moving Jax past purees. Well... Jax took some jelly, but a TINY seed got into his mouth. He panicked and it made him so sick. The poor guy vomited repeatedly until his entire stomach was empty. The therapist, the table, Jax, his chair, the floor, and myself was pelted with rapid fire vomit.
Needless to say, the session ended and Jax went into the bathtub. Damn seed...
This just reinforces how badly Jax needs an intense therapeutic program with a feeding psychologist. Jax has been so reluctant to enjoy purees off a spoon since his pneumonia last spring, and I just don't know how to move forward. So we need to plump him up!

Over the weekend the boys got to see Nana Letts because she came to babysit while we enjoyed dinner with friends for my birthday. That was a nice night out. Jay had his monthly softball on Saturday, so Nana Letts and I packed up the boys and took the drive to his game. We had nasty pouring rain half way there and it wasn't much better at the game, so we stayed for a short time and headed home. While we were there, Brady ended up on the field while I was talking with Jax about Daddy on the field. They stopped the game and yelled that there was a kid on the field which made Brady SCREAM and cry. I was mortified... we played on the wet playground and promptly left shortly after. I spent the rest of the rainy day home with the boys.
Jay and I took the boys to the State Fair on Sunday and wow... it was a lot more enjoyable last year when the boys stayed in the stroller and didn't WANT everything that they saw. Jax is so difficult since he won't sit and eat a treat. He wanted me to hold him, then he wanted to walk, then he wanted to be on Jason's shoulders, then he wanted to run.. ugh. Wake me up when they turn 4 :)

After the boy's impromptu bath on Thursday afternoon I sent them downstairs in their diapers while I got them some clothes. This is what I came down to. Yes, those are winter boots on Jax. I have no idea where he found them.

Jason and I Friday night for my birthday.

The boys in their rain boots at Jason's game on Saturday.

The boys enjoying the kid zone at the State Fair on Sunday.

The boys realizing that there are other goats in the world other than the ones at the zoo!

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