Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Most Improved Singer

On Tuesday night, we attended the "open house" of Jax's school. We just stopped by quickly so Jason could meet the teacher and see the classroom in case he ever needs to do a pick up or drop off. I have a private meeting with the teacher, her assistant, the school nurse and hopefully Brady's speech therapist. We'll review all the details of Jax's care and hopefully set up Brady's session-times as well.

On Wednesday, Jax started his first speech therapy session alone with Mr. Nick at the clinic. Brady and I ran to the post office and pharmacy during this time. Mr. Nick said Jax definitely needs more practice at structured play. Jax had a small meltdown at one time and had a small spit up from it.
Next week, Brady gets to have a single session as well, so we'll see how that all goes. This will all only go on until the boys get speech at their school this fall.

Brady's love obsession with music and dancing has been increasing. He is HILARIOUS! He insists on keeping the credits running after a movie/show so he can hold the TV stand and break dance to it. He tries to sing along to most songs, which sounds like honking. He cracks me up. I wonder how this will play into his personality when he's older. If you ask Jason, he was "Most Improved Singer" in 9th grade choir AND he's the first guy on the dance floor typically at weddings :) (You're welcome honey!)

Jax and I had a chiropractic appt this morning. I'm getting better and Jax seems to be the same. He's been vomiting a little bit lately, which always seems to throw his neck out easily. I also started some silver nitrate treatments on his stoma site since there's a bit of prolapse coming out and his tube came the other day. Hopefully that clears up quickly.
We leave on Friday to go visit our friends at their cottage up north for the weekend. We're really looking forward to relaxing by the lake with great friends. Ahhhh, sounds nice, right? I'm sad to see summer go :(

Whenever the boys take off their diaper, we now put them on the potty (yes, we need to get actual potties). We're not formally potty training yet, but just sending the message that the only time you take your diaper off is to sit HERE.

Jax was patting Brady on the back and making GROWLING noises.

Jax making Jason comfortable, I'm sure.

This is what happens when a little boy named Jax hangs on the towel bar. Since I try to keep this blog PG, I didn't take a picture of Jason's face afterward. That was one UNhappy Daddy.


Richard said...

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rozs65 said...

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