Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rotting bottles, pains in the neck and a job!

Brady left me a fun little surprise in the fridge last night. He found a baby bottle with rotting breast milk inside of it and put it in the fridge. Let me rewind a bit. A few weeks ago, Shannon was visiting with the babies. Each of us were feeding a baby and I had to get up so I put the bottle on the coffee table. By the time Shannon had to leave, the bottle walked away. That is... one of my children took the bottle and hid it. They hid it so well, that neither Shannon or I could find it. I cleaned my house as usual the following weeks and still couldn't find it. That is, until last night, when I opened the fridge. These kids are a riot!

Since we're on the subject of pains in the neck, I have a real physical one! My neck hurt a bit yesterday and by today, I feel slightly paralyzed with pain! I had to bring Jax in for his chiro adjustment today and I hoped to get myself looked at, but unfortunately our chiropractor was on her way out to do a lecture after Jax's appointment. I came back later in the day with just Brady since Jax actually took a nap today. Jay had his hands full at home with work and our driveway was being re-tarred (I think that's how you say it). Needless to say, I really screwed up my neck. I need to go back on Friday and I've been lectured about getting massages frequently since I'm lifting the boys so much - ahem *cough, did you hear that Jason? Haha, yeah right! I had a bad back ache this past weekend, but what do you do? If you know me in person, then you know how pitiful my upper body is. I need to do some strength training.

In other news, I'm officially employed again. Other than being a domestic goddess and all that that entails (ha!) I've been wanting to do something that will bring in a bit of actual income AND allow me to have conversations with adults on a daily basis. Our biggest hurdle has been the question of... WHEN? I'm obviously tied up at home until 5:30pm daily and usually 3 days of the week I'm on 24/7 duty by myself. So that leaves weekends.With Jason gone so much, our only time as a family are really on weekends, and the boys are still at an age that really requires 2 people on a regular basis to really enjoy anything. I'm also nervous to commit to a job and to have fall/winter coming up and knowing how sick Jax may get this season being in school - yes, I get anxiety thinking about things that haven't even happened. So WHEN was our obstacle.
Well, an opportunity arose at Jason's company and we requested it. They know our situation and that I can talk on the phone when the kids are down or asleep at night. I work on my own when I have the time. They're sending a Blackberry so I can work from that with email etc. That will be nice when I'm waiting for Brady outside his classroom while he's in speech twice a week.
I'm going to be busier than ever starting next month when Jax starts school and I'll be out of the house with Brady those two days. But I'm up for the challenge. The position is as an independent contractor working on quality assurance on a trial basis for a few months. If it works for me and I can show a benefit to the company, we'll re-negotiate and go from there. Wish me luck!
Although, I'm not sure if anything will be harder than trying to potty train these boys this coming winter!

Brady playing with his fire truck and Daddy's hat.

The fireman needs a hat too!

Jax sitting on top of his play kitchen. Sigh...

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KMR said...

Hey Annie,

Janae Haleen here. I was your neighbor in Froedert who had the mono-amniotic girls, Ada & Jaylynn. I am glad to see that you are keeping up with things and enjoying life in between the craziness of it all. I don't know how you do it with general care of the children, house upkeep, doctors apponitments, and now a job? You go girl. I tell you what though, you have a very sweet situaiton being able to have an empoyer work around your situation and allow you to work from your home. Not bad! Well, take care and God Bless. It's always good to read what's happening in your world. Oh, yeah, that's another thing, how do you ever get time to blog! You're amazing!

Janae Haleen