Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swollen eye alert

We've had an interesting few days. Jax has vomited every day now for the past 5 days. Ugh, I hope this doesn't continue. On Monday, Jax had a small lump/bump beneath his eye that was assumed was a bug bite. Today he woke up with a red swollen eye. I called the nurse to ask for advice and she said to come in to make sure there wasn't an infection.
I brought Jax in and he was an angel. He did everything the doctor and nurse asked him to do. Brady was a wild monkey running around and screaming, turning the lights off and on, opening the door and running down the hall, tipping over the garbage can to stand on to get to the sink, standing on the exam bed and taking out all of the otoscope attachments. It's like a fire lights under his bum whenever he's in an exam room and he just turns into sassy pants!
The doctor can't tell if Jax is having a reaction to a bug bite or if it's an infected bug bite. Usually swelling happens in the first 24 hours, so she thinks an infection is possible, but wants to be sure. She sent us home with some antihistamine that I gave him through his tube when we got home. I can give it at bed time as well and if he wakes up the same or worse, we'll go in to be treated as an infection. If he gets a fever at all, I need to take him directly to the ER. Jason will be getting home around 10pm if his flights are on time, so at least he'll be here over night.

Brady was able to get the flu mist vaccine since it's in. Jax can't get the mist because of his respiratory issues, so I'll take him back in for the shot when they came in. The doctor said she'll be having flu shot clinics at the end of Sept, but she'd like Jax to get the shot before he starts school, so I'll be calling over the next two weeks to find out when they come in and get one for Jax a bit early.

Otherwise business as usual here. Brady dumped a box of goldfish crackers all over the couch and rug. Jax emptied a tape roll, and Brady also dismantled his bed frame from his mattress to try and get out from his crib underneath (unsuccessfully).
I'm officially a monkey wrangler.

Jax's red swollen eye. He looks THRILLED in this mug shot!

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