Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking turns

The boys had fun with Papa and Nana Letts visiting on Friday and Saturday. The boys even did decent going out to eat, although Jax had a little trouble at one restaurant.

Jason and I took the boys to the Bonin twins' baptism on Sunday since Jason is Kelsey's Godfather. The boys took turns being naughty through the day. Jax didn't like being in the cry-room of the church during mass, so Jason took him outside. After mass was done, the baptism took place. Brady was painfully shy around everyone and even started crying. Odd?? I think his small-kid-shyness has hit. Jax sat pretty well during the baptism, but Brady was not having it.
The boys enjoyed the lunch/party afterward at Craig and Shannon's house since they had toys to play with, and I thought we were leaving rather unscathed... until Jax decided to step THROUGH their plastic window well cover. Jax fell through and was VERY lucky to leave with only a scrape to his leg rather than piercing himself with the sharp plastic. Hey, it's not us unless there's a scene!
Oh, and we narrowly escaped a nasty vomit-scene in the living room as well. I was able to see Jax make the puke-face and catch most of his vomit and direct his face into a garbage can with minimal clean up. He's been having a puke-streak lately with a day off here and there.

We took the boys home to relax a little bit and then went to the YMCA for a tour and to sign up the family for membership. The boys are going to LOVE the nursery to play in while Jason and I work out.  We also think swimming during the winter months will be nice for the family.

Papa Letts wrestling with the boys. It's actually hard to tell which kid is which here!

Brady giving a round of smooches at bed time.

Jason with the Bonin Bunch.

Brady surrounded by ladies and cake pops... shocking!

The boys playing on some equipment during our YMCA tour.

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