Friday, September 16, 2011

Brady's first day of speech-school!

Brady had no problems with me leaving him for his speech class this morning. The difference with his class is that I walk him in, compared to Jax having to be walked away from me outside. There's about 5 little boys in Brady's class, and he also looked a bit younger than everyone given his size. Although... the stinker definitely had a growth spurt and is quickly growing out of the size 2T jeans we bought him during the Memorial Day sales in May. Grrrr.... don't get me wrong, I love seeing him grow, but darn... I like getting more than a few months use out of jeans :) Anyway, I looked at some size charts while scoping out some deals (I mean, the kid needs some jeans now!) and noticed that his weight is at the tail end of size 12-18m and his height is on the tail end of 2T... hmmm, why am I not shocked?

So Brady loved his class today, and I hated getting lost trying to find it. It is a HIKE from Jax's school and it's about 25 mins from our house, so I'm kind of in limbo out there waiting for the kids to finish with their classes. After I got Brady, I found our way back to Jax's school and we played on the playground until he was done. When Jax came out, Brady took the hand of Jax's teacher and tried pulling her inside for his turn - too cute! Oh, and Jax has NO problem going off with his teacher to class now, he loves it. Although he did have a random tantrum getting into the car and he would NOT sit in the car seat to let me buckle him. Thankfully Jay was home working this morning, so he came out to help. Well Jax got all worked up and puked. Thankfully we have a puke-basin and towels handy in the truck at all times so I didn't have to clean him up and re-dress him.
Jax came home with his first craft project of coloring a mouse and gluing yarn for his whiskers - awe, I'm totally "that mom" and loving it.

We went over to Marshall and Cecilia's house tonight for a pizza-playdate and the boys had a BLAST. They tore the house up with the kids and pretty much ran non-stop.
We had planned on converting the boys to their toddler beds tonight, but we ran out of time, so we'll be doing that either tomorrow night or Sunday night.

Brady did a fashion show for his first school day... oh I love this kid...
(If you've ever seen Toy Story 3, Brady wants to be the Ken doll doing the cat walk, and yes, he did the cat walk for me!)

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Alicea said...

So cute! Even in pictures you can really tell they've grown.