Friday, September 23, 2011

End of week wrap up

The boys have been doing well the last few days. Jax has definitely been having a puking episode here and there, but things are okay. He actually had his first vomit while at school this morning. The teacher called me to discuss if it were his normal behavior, or if he was sick. Yup, normal behavior today! Jax surprised me twice this morning with talking. As we were coming down the stairs from waking up, he stopped me and said, "UP!" so I picked him up. Then once we were downstairs, he came to me again trying to get his sleep sack off and said, "HELP!" so I helped him! Looooove communication :)

Mr. Nick said the boys had a good speech and feeding session yesterday. He got Brady to say "MA" a few times, but never a mama. Jax would not say "MA" at all for him, although he has had some good feeding sessions. I took Jax down the street to the library while we were waiting for Brady to finish up his speech session. It just so happened that there was a 3 year old story time going on - perfect! I put Jax's name tag on him and sent him in to the story time room with all the other kids. He REFUSED. He was too scared and didn't want to go in, which really surprised me. So I took him to the back of the library to work on puzzles and look at books. The librarian came up to us and said, "He's probably shy because that story time hour is for 3 year olds". I starred at her and didn't know what to say and then I mustered up to say, "He IS 3!" She felt so awkward and then proceeded to ask if he was premature or had "problems". Since Jax was super squirrly and refused to sit still to do an activity, we left.

I picked up Brady and switched Jax to go into speech and I was excited to let Brady go to the library but he poo'd in his diaper and of course... I left the diaper bag at home! So we went home for 30 mins to change and hang out until Jax was done.

The boys both seemed to have fun at school this morning. When Brady and I were waiting outside of Jax's school, all of Jax's class came out to hold onto a rope and take a walk around the school. Jax's teacher came to my car and asked if Brady would want to walk with them - how nice! So Brady took a walk with them and then of course, Brady took the teacher's hand to try and go inside to school. Jax had to have the teaching assistant hold his hand during the walk, because I could see that he wasn't really following directions to hold onto the rope loop that he was assigned to. So Jax was holding the rope with one hand, and the assistant holding his other hand. I'm sure that was so he wouldn't run off. That Jaxon... a total renegade... who doesn't listen! Well, he either listens and ignores, or listens and doesn't understand. It's hard to tell which one he's doing.

The boys are doing great with their beds and enjoying the fall weather. We're supposed to go to Great America tomorrow with our neighbors. The park is closed down for only Kohl's Corporate employees and their friends/family, so it's discounted and much less busy. We thought it would be perfect since we live about 50 mins and it's cooler weather and not busy. Also, who wants to pay full price for a ticket when there's a chance your 3 yr old will decide you have to leave right away? There are tons of rides and things for toddlers to do, so Jason and I are well aware we'll be spending the day doing little kid things rather than the big coasters. The only problem is... the weather looks iffy. 50% chance of rain - boo! So we'll see what we end up doing!

(Sorry, no pictures, I'm sure there will be some from the weekend!)

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