Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great America!

We ended up going to Six Flags Great America on Saturday. The weather had a few spots of rain, but the day ended up being a LOT of fun for all of us. Obviously Jason and I experienced an entire area of the park we've never hung out in (re: kiddie rides), but the boys were so well behaved and seemed to be in awe of the place. It was great that there weren't any large crowds, long rides or hot weather. The boys were able to go on 3 small roller coasters with us and they were in heaven. Everything else was pretty much kiddie ride types or play areas.

When we arrived at the park, we stopped off at Guest Relations to get Jax's food approved. There is a strict rule against any food or beverage in the park and they search all your bags. We also got Jax's backpack approved since they don't allow backpacks on rides either. They were fabulous and efficient with us!

The great thing about the boys being so amazed by the park was that they never cried, whined or begged for any of the souvenir type of things or the fair game prizes hanging everywhere. The only thing that got old was that they wouldn't ride in the stroller very much, but it was still nice to hold all their stuff (mainly extra clothes and supplies for Jax). Jax's legs get tired from walking too much, so it would've been nice if he'd sit in the stroller more. Brady doesn't mind if he has a snack in hand, but obviously that doesn't work for J-man. Brady got a little impatient when we would have to wait for the rain to stop to go out on rides, but it really wasn't too bad.
The funniest part of the day was Jax saying, "UH-OH!" each time a roller coaster was coming down from the top of a run - hilarious!

We stayed at the park for just over 5 hours and Brady fell asleep in the car by the time we got out of the parking lot! All our neighbors and their friends stayed longer since they're kids are older, so we were able to get the boys home, feed Brady dinner and give baths. We brought the boys next door in their pj's to bring over birthday gifts and play with their friends for 30 minutes. Two of the little boys that live next to us and behind us turned 6 and Great America was part of their celebration. The boys LOVE playing with the neighbors, so they were in heaven. I had a glass of wine and a sandwich, so I was too! It was a good day.

I'd like to end the post on that happy note, but I do need to do a vomit report (BOO). Jax has had an episode at least once a day (if not twice) for quite a few days in a row. He doesn't have any illness-symptoms and is totally fine after he gets sick. I'm wondering if he's going to get sick because his vomiting is usually the first symptom that something is coming, or he's just doing his normal, yet random cycling. It's only after his breakfast, or after his lunch, so it's nothing concerning yet, so fingers crossed! He drank an ounce of smoothie at dinner by mouth, so he's still allowing some small oral feeding practice. He puked a bit of it up an hour later, but hey, it still counts!

Jason is out of town until late in the night on Wednesday night, so these kiddos better stay healthy on me. Jax is scheduled to get his flu shot on Wednesday, otherwise we have a normal scheduled week and hopefully it's uneventful! It's also been one full week of toddler beds and the boys are rocking it without any problems! Now to just wait until the boys can say POTTY and we get the green light from the therapists to be tackling THAT FUN PROJECT. Until then... I'm putting it out of my mind!

Brady's first carrousel ride!

Jax too! We took a second ride on the top level on our way out of the park. (This is a two story carrousel)

Brady pretty much tackled Bugs Bunny he was so excited to see him! Jax wanted nothing to do with the large walking rabbit!

Enjoying some rides. Well, Brady is actually talking in his 'Turkish Twin Talk' wondering what is taking so long for the ride to start.

I turned around to snap a quick photo of the boy's first roller coaster. Brady was sitting with me, but I had to put my camera away and wrap my arms around him!

Smaller scale for the little guys - boats that go in circles!

Jax's super cool sticker.

They were so happy!

All the guys cheering on the Packers! (Thanks for the shirts Marley!) Jason is cheering on the Steelers right now as the boys are sleeping! We're a two-team family, good thing they're not in the same division, hey?

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