Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jaxon's first day of preschool

Jax had a great first day of school today, although it started out a bit shaky. I pulled up to the school and saw all the parents and their kids standing outside the door. It was a beautiful morning and I figured I'd walk Jax up for his first day (we have car pickup for future drop offs). I walked both boys up and they said hi to the other kids. The teacher, her assistant and the nurse came out to get everyone and suddenly the little boy in front of us started screaming. Well, you can imagine what that did to the kids. Jax clung to my leg and started whaling himself. The teacher had to pry him off me and pretty much drag him in. I knew he'd be fine as soon as he saw the classroom and toys. The nurse quickly asked me when I started Jax's pump and then they were all inside as if I blinked!
Then of course poor Brady threw himself to the ground crying realizing he wasn't going in.... yup, car pick up from now on!
I took Brady to a nearby park, so that made him pretty happy. He ran around just as happy as can be. We talked about the leaves, flowers and grass since I figured I won't have many more weeks to show him these things. I got a few errands done and suddenly it was time to get Jax.
Sure enough, he came out with the group with a big smile on his face and pink frosting on his shirt and cheek. A little girl had brought birthday cupcakes, so it was nice to see that Jax participated with that. He had a princess ring in his backpack that was a cupcake topper and some papers from the teacher. It feels like opening a Christmas stocking to see what Jax did for that morning. Apparently today he learned about "school" (that is the topic this week through books, songs etc), had some speech therapy, played at a water table, celebrated a birthday at snack time and even sat on a potty so he wasn't left out (not that he did anything other than smile I hear).
I'm happy that I get to bring Brady to his school on Friday so he can experience some of what Jax does. I need a photo of him now for his first day!
Jax had a nice 4-day break from vomiting and then had a big episode late this afternoon. Both the boys are doing well right now, and are currently at the YMCA with Jason while I prepare dinner (and update my bloggy blog).

I keep finding Brady in the basement putting train tracks together all over the carpet. He's really into putting things "together" right now. I need to find some little-kid puzzles for him that aren't just the shape-match kind that we have.

Jaxon coming out of school. As you can see, he is SUCH a little peanut compared to the other 3-4 yr olds.

Jax with his teacher and teaching assistant.


Meredith said...

Totally got teary eyed like the sap I am. Go Jax Go!

Anonymous said...

My girls love puzzles too! I've found some that are four similar puzzles in one wooden box which are great. (4 Disney princesses, 4 Thomas the Train, 4 Eric Carle) My girls also love the Melissa & Doug floor puzzles.

pyjammy pam said...

oh em gee. jax at school makes my heart all melty and explodey. eeep! so cute! love those kids!