Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well HiYa everyone!
We've been busy running around the last few days, and now I find myself running around again with the short week and Jason gone. Let's see, I need to go back a few days.

Last Thursday, Jax decided to remove his clothing and diaper during nap time and poop all over his bed and himself. Yup, he and his brother got an early bath that day. Jax also started a vomiting cycle that day which lasted into Saturday resulting in a Pedialyte pump that day. He's been fine since and I'm working his pump rate back up again now. I also found a bug bite on his arm that turned into a big hive. So he got antihistamine again for 48 hrs. Apparently his body has decided right NOW, that it's allergic to bug bites like Daddy and Nana Letts.
Otherwise, I packed the boys up on Friday and met Jason up in Green Bay to go up to the Garber/Freemore cottage for the weekend. Sadly, the weather was yucko, but the kids still seemed to have a blast playing with Layla.

We went to see my mom on the way home on Monday and of course the boys were in Heaven playing with her toy bin and chasing the cat around. Jason took the boys home after lunch and I stayed to get my hair cut and then do some solo shopping at the outlet mall sales on my way home since we have family pictures coming up soon and the boys start at the school next week.
Now I'm trying to get in paperwork, cleaning, laundry, appointments, errands and repacking everything again since we're leaving Friday for Kurt and Mary's wedding this weekend.
Brady started a runny nose this afternoon and now a low grade fever tonight, so it's a matter of time to see it on Jax. I hope it doesn't blow up into anything big and/or respiratory.

I have a meeting at the school tomorrow with the teacher, nurse and speech therapist, so I'll update here with any exciting details about that. I'm hoping and assuming that the boys can just play in the classroom during this meeting, which means Brady needs to be ok. I've got the boy's backpacks filled with all of Jax's medical and school supplies that I'm hoping the teacher will allow me to give her tomorrow so I can have an extra hand to hold both boys (and Jax will be on his feeding backpack). That will be my biggest challenge this winter - holding both boy's hands, their backpacks and Jax's feeding backpack with all the winter gear on. I'll figure it out like always!

The boys caught a fish!

Brady loving all the pink things.

The boys were obsessed with standing on the stool and drinking water from a play tea cup.

The boys dipped their feet on Saturday and brave Layla took a full swim for a few minutes.

Apparently we love the GAP?!

Brady on the 4 wheeler with Scott driving around the driveway.

Jax's turn with Daddy.

Brady getting a bike-lesson from Sidney's Grandma.

Some day boys!

We took a walk down to a neighbor's cottage and the boys enjoyed their swing. Thanks for the push Sid!

God knows the boys must sit on anything that has an engine!

Nana Jayne and Jax hanging out.
Backpacks ready to go!

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Mary said...

You constantly amaze me with all the energy you have! Hope the boys do well at school!