Friday, September 9, 2011

A soft "ma"

The boys had great speech sessions with Mr. Nick yesterday. They did them at the clinic individually and Brady said "ma" when going through an activity.  He would say "gaga" if you asked for "mama", but he definitely said a very soft "ma" by the 5th or 6th attempt. Mr Nick said that he'll have the boys through fall, so it looks like they'll have A LOT of speech help. It's a lot of running for us, but this is a good time to pick up the pace for the boys.
Brady had a complete tantrum waiting for Jax in the waiting room and then had the mother of all breakdowns after my quick meeting with Mr Nick and it was time to go. Imagine me carrying a kicking and screaming kid down the sidewalk while trying to hold Jax's hand - it was delightful.

The weather is SO nice right now, so we I got outside to meet the new fall nannies at the neighbors. The boys played nice and hard for a long time with the kids, and of course hated coming in with me to make dinner.  

The boy's colds haven't gotten any worse, and pretty much remain as only runny noses. Yesterday Jax vomited his entire breakfast on our way out the door - poor kiddo. He did something odd last night that I was wondering if anyone in the Internet universe had any insight to. I took Jax out of the bath last night and while he was wrapped up in his towel laying down, I started to clean his ear with a safety Q-tip (the ones that can't go in very far), well it made Jax gag and vomit everywhere. He did this a couple months ago as well. Is it because he has a runny nose and something with the mucus and laying down and pressure on the ear drum?? I felt awful, so I obviously skipped the other ear last night!

Jax also played around with his tube last night and disconnected himself resulting in the bed being fed instead of himself. You would think he'd hate that wet feeling, but instead he just snoozes away not caring. He sure cares when I have to wake him up and strip his bed, wash him down and change him!

We're doing last minute things at the house this morning and are about to head out for the weekend. Have a great few days!

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Christina said...

I don't know if it is good news to hear but the q tip thingy, for me at what 30 I am the same way some how q tips in the ear makes me gaggy and sometimes makes me hack up a lung so it is a normal thing for some of us!

We are just begining on the speech thing but for my oldest twin Julie ho thinks talking is not needed screaming and grunting works just fine.