Sunday, September 18, 2011

Toddler beds!

We've had quite the busy little weekend, and yet, didn't do a whole lot. On Saturday morning, we drove both our vehicles down past the Chicago area to go see about a different SUV. Since Jason got a work truck a few months ago, we've been trying to sell his car. It turns out that the value dropped a ton, so we were sitting with negative equity - neat! We owned our SUV, so it was just a matter of getting rid of this car and not having to dig into the savings account too much to do so. It turns out that our best choice was to group our car and truck together and to finance a bit newer SUV instead of coming up with a lump sum and then relying solely on the '03 truck we had. So we came home with a newer  truck, but man... having two kids at a car dealership is less than to be desired!

Jax was NOT a happy camper on the drive home, so we ended up stopping at a hobby farm off the highway for a break. We took the boys on a quick choo-choo ride around a small pond and chased some geese. That helped quiet Jax down for the duration of the car ride home.

This morning we headed down by the lake at Southshore park to get our family pictures taken. I never know if we got any good shots until I receive the photo disk a few weeks later! The boys LOVED throwing stones in the lake and certainly got their shoes all wet from the waves.

Jason was happy once we were home so he could immerse himself in football during the boy's nap and I took a quiet leisurely trip to the grocery store. I LOVE not having to push the huge cart with the big plastic car connected to the front. I actually got to have a lengthy conversation with the produce manager about how to bake this season's squash for dinner - heaven! For those of you who don't live in Wisconsin or the Midwest, it's always neat to see the produce and prices change with the season. Right now all the berries are getting expensive and all the squash, pumpkins and apples come in abundance and at price-steals! (okay, enough about produce).

Tonight we made the plunge! We switched the boy's cribs to toddler beds. We think Brady is going to be fine with it, but Jaxon... now he's a completely different kind of renegade. Brady sleeps every way in his crib, while Jax will only sleep in one direction and one way ONLY. I think it's from years of having to have his body pointing one way with the medical pole and tube.

Well... Brady went into bed fine. Jax had to be chased and scolded and put into his bed... then we realized he was not getting into bed because we had it facing the wrong way. And blankets, they were all wrong. He ONLY likes his blanky touching him which he holds like a teddy bear. Then when I usually take him off his pump at night (he's sleeping) I cover him with another blanket. So yes, Jason had to take out the old screw driver and completely switch his toddler bed rail the other way, so Jax could lay the "right way" and I pushed all his blankets down to the end so they weren't touching him. Talk about a creature of habit!
I think the boys will fall asleep in their beds, I just don't know what they'll do once they wake up in the morning! We put toddler handle on the door knobs, so at least they'll stay in their rooms. We removed things like the clock radios and fans just in case they get mischievous... not that they couldn't find other things to get into! We've been watching them on the video monitors like their the newest comedy on TV right now. So far so good tonight.

I'm still not quite sure how to handle Jax with his feeding and the bed situation. Tonight we put him on his backpack at 5pm, so he was done around bedtime. He gagged during getting his teeth brushed and vomited easily since he had a full tummy. So that seemed very counterproductive. I feel like we're in a race to make sure he starts his pump before 7:30am, and around noon and then by 5, mind you each feed takes 2.5 hrs and now he's on his back pack almost all day. Sigh... maybe we'll get lucky and he'll handle falling asleep in his toddler bed being connected to the pump. Since he doesn't sleep during nap time (and just does quiet time in his crib) I may still just put him in his peapod tent because I think he'd definitely get up and walk away while connected to his pump. It's apparently a big experiment! Why are there not instruction manuals on these things!

We were all in Brady's room talking about the beds and instead of listening, Jax kept pushing the button on a singing duck and Brady danced.

And danced...

Still dancing.

A little bit more.

Brady going to bed just fine.

Jaxon refusing - nothing was right!

(Sigh)... anything for our kids, right?

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