Monday, October 31, 2011

There's so much to update!

Bear with me, there's a lot to update!

First of all, let's talk HALLOWEEN!
We took the boys to the zoo on Saturday to meet up with the Bonin Bunch and Jay's cousin John and Amy with baby Olivia. The day was beautiful and the kids were all ADORABLE in their costumes. It was just such a "nice" day out and the boys got a glimpse at what trick-or-treating would be like.

We took the boys to a party at the neighbor's house for some pizza right before trick-or-treating tonight. We all headed out with the kids and ours and the night was fabulous. The boys had the most fun than I think they've ever had in their little lives so far. They didn't skip a beat and ran their little legs up to each door step with the other kids and said some jumbled phrase and then a very loud DANK YOU! We went through the whole neighborhood right until bedtime. It was SO much fun. There is a lot of candy for Jason and I to eat!!

Today was Jaxon's big feeding clinic and GI specialist review at Children's Hospital. I haven't put too much thought into this one because I didn't want to get my hopes up.

The first half of the appt was with the psychologist, speech therapist, dietitian and GI nurse going through a feeding therapy with Jax (only the psychologist was doing the actual therapy). Jax did what he usually does and seemed to take to the bites and drinks like a PRO (because we weren't at home and it wasn't ME). Then he threw his EXTREME fit and went wild reaching for me. I had to leave the room and watch thru the glass until the psychologist got him to calm down and take "one more drink" for mom to come back in and to be all done. Jax was weeping in my arms and then was smiling and playing within a few minutes.

So afterward, we had a discussion that Jax's behavior needs the inpatient feeding program and the longer we wait, the worse it will be. Jax will never be weened off the tube by the work we do in the house. His height-to-weight ratio went from 85% to 89% and they were happy to hear he didn't need a hospitalization for his last illness. Their recommendation was to put him on the waiting list for the program! The wait list would get him in around early spring, and they think his growth would be closer to 90% by then. I was SO happy and excited. Then the ladies told me it all had to be signed off by the GI specialist to clear him medically stable for the program.

So we waited for the GI specialist and I admit, I had a big smile :)
The doctor did his exam with Jax and said he looked and sounded great. Then he pulled his chair up close to me and looked me right in the eye. I suddenly stopped smiling and said, "what?"
He explained that Jax's current volume intolerance would not allow him to be tube-weened by the program in spring. I couldn't control it... tears came out of my eyes totally out of my control. :(

The doctor said, "I'm not saying he CAN'T. I'm saying he can't if he's the same come spring." Ok, I was willing to listen again. Jax currently takes 2.5 - 3 hrs to finish a can of Pedialyte (8 oz). The doctor said that if he can't eat a meal in 30-40 mins, his body needs tube-feeding. His system is just not ready.
So I was given a mission with some tools.
I will change our schedule (OH my beautiful schedule...) to feeding Jax 4 smaller meals a day and PUSH the pump-rate higher. Instead of pushing it 2ml's every few days, I have to increase him 5-10ml's more an hour every few days. I have to expect that once in awhile I'm going to make him vomit and I need to forge through. The doctor said that Jax's stomach doesn't know to be any bigger than it is, and it's TINY right now - I need to stretch it. If Jax proves to not be able to go past a certain point, then it is what it is, and I'll know he's not meant to be weened off the tube at this point. The doctor gave me a big "come to Jesus" talk telling me that it is NOT in my power to make Jax's body work. All I can do is give him the opportunity to show that he can do it, and if he can't then we support him until he can.

The doctor wants Jax in the program in spring regardless - but the goal will be to either to start weening him if his volume intolerance is better or it will be to work on his behavior and give him better skills at eating where he may be able to do less tube feeds and more oral feeds until he's ready for the program again in the future.

My gut tells me that Jax will most likely go through the program for behavior purposes and get a better handle on eating SOME food by mouth, but I always will have hope and faith that MAYBE he'll prove everyone wrong :)
My only worry is that he has all winter, and is in school... I don't know how much we can push the pump-rate if he has colds or virus' off and on. We'll deal with that when it happens, I guess. I admit I will be more bummed with every cold now though.

Jax will be doing a swallowing study to make sure his throat works mechanically. They plan to have the psychologist administer the food since Mom (me) doesn't work best with him. It's a common thing with feeding disorders in children. They resist their family and their home environment. That's one of the reasons they do this boot-camp sort of program at the hospital to change the behavior and THEN implement it in the home.
Jax's paperwork has a diagnosis on it that I've never seen before. It says: Dysphagia, Feeding disorder and G-tube dependence. I looked up dysphagia and it seems to be that a person has a hard time swallowing solid food. Um, yeah, Jax has never had anything thicker than applesauce in his mouth (never a full bite) and that makes him gag. So I actually agree with that one!

Sorry this was so long!
 (24.5lbs, 34.7")
Dinos at the zoo!

I caught a dino!

Brady is kicking back in the wagon with a sucker in EACH hand! (Baby cousin Olivia is up and walking around like a champ!)

Our failed attempt at a group photo of the kids. Look at cute Drew as the boy's baby dino!

Boys ready for Sunday football.

After a few minutes the boys ended up playing in the basement.

Jax at in the GI specialist's office. He's licking the OUTSIDE wrapper of a sucker. He likes to pretend socially that he eats. He licked this thing for a good 20 mins. I opened it and he threw it away.

On their way to the neighbors for their FIRST trick-or-treat ever!

The group!

Getting football cards from a town police officer.

Some of the houses had games for the kids to play! Here Jason is helping Jax do a toss game and Brady is helping himself to the candy he won. So fun!

I love these moments.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holiday cards and gifts on the mind with a GIVEAWAY!

It's right around the corner... the holidays! Shutterfly is teaming up with bloggers again to promote their new holiday line of cards, and WOW, they out-do themselves each year. I always enjoy compiling my favorite photos and creating a one-of-a-kind card to show friends and family how the kids have grown. I even slip a card from each year into the kid's photo albums. Some recipients have even framed the cards!
Here is our card from last year:
I used a folded card last year, a one-sided card the year before and will probably do a two-sided card this year. I like to change it up!
(as you can see, I used the un-official, or is it official(?) tag line from this blog!)

Check out the new designs of Christmas cards and holiday cards:

Last year I created small photo books for the boys to give as gifts to grandparents and godparents. I made one for each child as a stocking stuffer and keepsake as well. You can't beat such a personalized gift!

Here is a page from last year's photo book:

Check out the great deals going on right now with photo books:

Shutterfly was kind enough to give free cards to my readers! If you want to be entered to win 25 free cards, just leave a comment on this post. I will draw a winner next Sunday, Nov 5 - good luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meds for Big B

I got Brady into the doctor while Jax was in school (yeah!) and he has an ear infection. The doc said she was suspecting a sinus infection if she didn't find an infected ear given the length of his symptoms. She had to look way back in his file to see what antibiotics he's ever had and it turns out he's had meds once in '09 and once in '10, so I can't complain about him getting sick enough for meds once a year!
This is quite the nasty little virus that hit our house. It gave Jax Walking Pneumonia and an infected ear for Brady. I've had bad cold symptoms now for the past 2 days, ugh - not liking the cold season so far!

Hopefully Brady Beans will feel better in a few days and we can stop going to the doctor!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Brady Beans

Just a quick check in. Brady's cold symptoms are definitely on the rise and he's started a fever again today (101.2). His diarrhea and cough has really ramped up too. I'm going to take him in to the doctor and see if we find any infections. I still don't know if this is a ramp up of a 3-week cold (which would DEFINITELY mean infection) or if this is a new cold on day 6, where he'd be having "normal" symptoms at this point. Poor guy.

Jax has a random day of school tomorrow rather than Friday since the school is closed Friday, so it would be great if I could squeeze Brady in at the doctor while Jax is in school (in his dino costume for a Halloween party). But life doesn't usually work out that great with timing! We'll see. I'll update tomorrow after we've seen the doctor.

A random update about Big B is that he's been falling out of bed the last few nights. How random?? He hits the hardwood floor so  hard and LOUD. The first time I ran up and he was tangled in his blanket all delirious. Last night he seemed kind of embarrassed when I checked on him, and he wouldn't look up at me. Tonight I tucked his blanket in tight and put a pillow down on the part of the bed that doesn't have railing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Proud pumpkins

We had a quiet weekend of getting odds and ends done and letting the boys heal up. Jaxon is definitely out of the danger zone and didn't wake up at all on Saturday night - yay! He is almost done with his antibiotics and he's displaying more of a regular cold now. Brady's cold symptoms have gotten worse and you can tell he has moments of feeling really crummy. He had a low grade temp early this morning, but nothing after that. If he has a temp at all tomorrow, I may run him to the doctor to have his ears and throat checked to make sure it's not a continuation from his original cold that started all this. He was whimpering a few times off and on this weekend and I asked if he had a boo-boo in his ear and he said yes. But I also asked if elephants fly and he said yes as well, so who knows. I have my eye on him for sure.
I was able to get out to run a few errands, including getting my flu shot. Jason and I did a LOT of paperwork together, and I still have a pile waiting for me. Jason left this evening for an early morning meeting in Minnesota. I found out he'll be gone the last half of the week again, so let's get those healthy vibes in the house!

(sigh) I tried to give the boys a pajama-day, but Brady was confused why. So he stripped down and as usual, he put on his rain boots and hat.

The boys decorated pumpkins!

Jax was VERY proud!

They didn't leave these pumpkins alone.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Turned a good corner

Jax has not gotten worse and he checked out decent at the doctor office today. Jax got to see his regular pediatrician today and she confirmed that he has Walking Pneumonia. She said it's not as severe as regular pneumonia, but with Jax, anything can become severe. She's assuming it spread throughout our house, but Jax's body couldn't fight it like ours did/is.
Jax is to continue his antibiotics and his inhaled meds as well. He's still having a hard time at night, but hopefully after the weekend, he'll start sleeping better.
Brady's nose has started leaking like a faucet again today and a cough rearing back up. The doctor isn't sure if his symptoms have ramped back up, or if he started a new cold already. Since his sleeping/playing/eating isn't affected, and his history is very stable, we'll see how he does through the week. He may have gotten a sinus infection from the original cold or like I said, just starting a new one. The doctor said we should know by the end of the week. We're trying really hard to not give unnecessary antibiotics.
Jax is doing a bit better with the handheld inhaler/mask since he only needs the mask on for about 10 seconds, so that seems to help. I gave Jax nothing but a slow Pedialyte pump for the last day, so he's hydrated and seems to be doing OK with a little food now. I'm a bit nervous to see how he does overnight tonight with some food in him. The last time he did, he had about 6 vomiting episodes over night.

I have a cute comment to make about each boy. Brady hoards toys in his bed. He grabs a few toys before nap or bedtime and he loves to play in bed before falling asleep. I have to keep taking a few downstairs otherwise he'd have 100 toys up there. The cute thing is, I can hear him pretending to play and it MELTS my heart! He is such a creative and imaginative little dude. He also decided he wanted to wear his winter hat and rain boots all day inside the house.
Jax went into his backpack and pulled out his extra shirt (to change into at school if he pukes on himself). He walks up to me and says, "shuur!" I said, "yes, that's your shirt", he then says, "ON!" I love these unprompted words and commands! I think it's only a matter time that this kid will be busting out sentences :)

Yes, the boots are on the wrong feet and his nose is running, but he's happy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Possible Walking Pneumonia

Jax's cold has taken a turn for the worse in the last day or two. It definitely didn't seem right since he was on day 9 of his cold today. The poor kid was up gagging, coughing and puking almost every 30-60 minutes last night. There were a lot of bed and clothing changes and I knew he had to see the doctor again.
Since Jax was seen on Monday (3 days ago) he had lost almost a half pound, started an ear infection and has fluid in his lung. The doctor has prescribed antibiotics for Walking Pneumonia. She isn't sure if Jax aspirated vomit into his lungs, or if the virus is settling in there. She wants to see him back tomorrow morning to reassess and see how he's doing.
I'm going to go back to the pharmacy and pick up the meds and try to get it in him before it's too late this evening and Jax starts the nightly vomiting. This is not going to be a fun night since antibiotics don't help a system for at least 24 hours.
The doctor also prescribed a hand held inhaler with a mask that I can hold Jax down to give rather than the nebulizer. We know he'll fight it, but it works in 5-10 seconds rather than the 10 minute nebulizer. So I'll be giving that a try too.
Please cross your fingers that we make it through this night and there are no ER visits!
(and yes, Daddy is out in Texas until late tomorrow night for work, so I may send out a distress signal!)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick update on appt

Jax's lungs sounded good and his O2 was at a beautiful 98. The doctor said he's about half way through a cold and he's holding steady, but we need to increase his Pulmicort during colds or when anyone in our house even has one. The problem is, if we give Jax an extra Pulmicort dose in the morning, it makes him puke. So the doctor gave us an Rx for a double dose concentrated into one dose for these cold times.
We'll continue doing what we're doing and hope for no fevers and for this congestion to get out of town this week! I'm giving Jax Albuterol every 4 hours and then the super dose of Budesonide/Pulmicort at night. He's miserable at night, but a crazy little monkey during the day still.

Jax was also a beefy 24.4 lbs, he's on his way to linebacker status!

Quite the long weekend

Sorry for the late posting, but we've been running around doing a little bit of everything the last few days. We left on Friday morning and headed north by family while our floors were being finished. Jason visited his grandpa who is in the hospital. Jay and I took the boys to a pizza joint and Jax was NOT having it and refused to sit at the table while we ate, so we took it to go. Jay and I watched the destruction of the Brewers that night. Boo.

On Saturday morning, Jay brought the boy's out to his Uncle Joe's horse farm to see the animals, which the boys loved, but the cold wind didn't allow them to stay out long.
Nana and Papa Letts came home and took the boys to a pumpkin farm, but that wind brought them home quickly too. Papa Letts gave us a night in Kohler to use while they kept the kids. Jay and I had a great relaxing time strolling the shops, watching the Badger game at a pub and touring the Kohler Center. We were able to catch a cocktail with Jason's cousin John and his wife Amy since they were at a wedding there.

We met the kids and Nana and Papa on Sunday morning at Grandma and Grandpa Lett's house. We had a nice visit and then Jay and I took the boys to Neenah to my cousin Heather's house for a 75th birthday party for my Grandma and the Packer game. We had a nice tour visiting everyone, it's nice to see family.

We found out on the ride home that there's one more day of work to be done on our house, so I'm inhabiting the neighbor's house with the boys today while the finishing work is done.
That's the other thing, the house was a disaster when we came home with a truck load of stuff. There is wood dust EVERYWHERE. After we put the boys down, Jay and I dusted and cleaned while watching another sad destruction of our Brewers last night.
The other thing hard on us right now is our truck still isn't fixed! We're hoping we can make the drive down this afternoon to get it, but if it's not ready, we have to rent a vehicle for the week.

In kid-news, the boys still have their runny noses, but Jax seems to be a little worse since yesterday now. He's been coughing and gagging and puking since yesterday afternoon. I'm still giving him Albuterol nebulizer treatments, but it's not helping at night. I'm bringing him to the pediatrician when Jay gets back from his appointment this morning.
Hopefully the doctor says to just stay the course and he's fine, but since we're on day 6 of Albuterol-need and he's not controlled, he needs to be checked out. He has no fever and isn't lethargic, so those are good signs.

I'll let you all know how Jax does at the doctor and what the next day or two brings for us. I want my house and vehicle back, but hopefully they're both better than before. It's weird to see all my appliances in the living room and dining room :)
Is anyone completely amazed (and disgusted) by what is behind and under the stove and fridge? Total Martha Stewart FAIL on our part!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Dentist Appointment

The boys seem to be doing or saying something new every day. It's so great to see progress. Jax's teacher was beaming when I picked him up yesterday. She said he had his best day so far and that it was mainly do to a lot of one-on-one attention for the activities. She said he was attentive and attempted everything - yay! I have my first school conference for Jax next Thursday to see his overall progress so far.

I took the boys to the park last night since Jason was out of town and it was still so nice out (read: I was bored and ran out of ideas). These warm days are really fleeting by the minute now.

Brady started a bad runny nose and a slight overnight cough on Monday. Sure enough, Jax started it today, although his coughing is picking up a tiny bit by the end of the evening here. I tried to give him an extra Pulmicort nebulizer treatment after his nap, but he refused. He's so used to taking his nebulizer treatment each night before bed that he seemed totally put off that this was not at his usual time. I have NO idea where he gets this need for a strict schedule (read very sarcastically). So I'll be giving him a bit extra in his treatment after bed time and hoping Tylenol and some Vick's vapor rub helps the boys sleep a bit better. Lets hope for no need of a rescue Albuterol treament. But so far, so good. I can't complain since the boys didn't get any illness for the first 6 weeks of school, and this one doesn't even seem to be too bad. No complaints from me!

We took the boys to their first dentist appointment today. The office we went to is strictly pediatric, and they did great. Brady took the hand of the hygienist right away and he did AWESOME. They showed the boys all the different tools, let them touch everything and explained everything perfectly. Brady had no problem at all laying down to get his teeth cleaned and examined. Now Jaxon was NOT as happy to have his mouth examined. He had to lay between me and the hygienist for the cleaning while screaming and flailing and then the same with the dentist for the exam. He only gagged once and no pukes!

Brady's teeth are great, but his bottom back teeth are starting to touch, so we have to stay on top of flossing back there. Jax's teeth are surprisingly great as well! There is some plaque build up on his front bottom teeth that they said all tube-fed children have because of the lack of chewing, but it's actually a good thing for children, unlike adults, so they left it there. Jax has adequate space between all his teeth, so brushing will continue to keep his teeth healthy. The hygienist said that the year that Jax had his mouth and stomach bypassed, may have saved him from the decay that I was worried about. We just need to make sure he drinks water after every vomit.
The staff was so proud to see such healthy gums and teeth on the boys, yay! I'll take any and all clean bills of health.
Now... anyone have a suggestion to good dental insurance? Now that the entire family goes, this would finally be a good idea. Ouch on the out-of-pocket expense!

Before we got to the dentist, we stopped off at Jax's school so he could get his school picture taken. I only ordered a few wallets because we just got family pics done and it's not fair to get pics of Jax and not Brady. Either way, Jax needed to have it taken for the class composite. He was such a little stud in his little zip up sweater flirting with a teacher. He sat for the photo and gave a big cheese grin!

This would be Brady laying down before the hygienist could even start to explain all the tools!

Here the boys are touching the suction hose and squirting the rinser all over.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunny pumpkin days!

Who didn't love the gorgeous weather last weekend? We were able to run errands (we're re-doing our foyer floor next weekend) and take the kids to the park. We worked on the yard to get it ready for fall and winter and Jason and I finally caught up on our DVR together that evening. On Sunday we went to a pumpkin farm with my mom and had some fun on a hayride and a corn maze. Although Brady had a breakdown when the tracker drove away which resulted in a small fit needing a time out. My mom and I made some centerpieces with the fun mini pumpkins and gourds that we picked out.

Oh, and our new truck (well, new to us) is broken. We noticed an odd sound while turning and it totally escalated this last week. We took it to our trusty neighborhood mechanic and sure enough, the entire drive transmission blew. Hello warranty! Our dealership is picking the truck up on a flat bed today to bring it back to their shop to fix it. God forbid they just pay our local place, right? So, we're hoping it's done by the end of tomorrow so Jay can re-direct his flight to Chicago and just drive it home tomorrow night when he comes home from his trip in St.Louis (he flew out yesterday afternoon).
Poor Jason had to watch the Brewer/Cardinals game IN St.Louis yesterday and today. I watch with the boys and love having Brady wave the towel around with every run. Although we do a lot of coloring and playing with cars during the other parts that aren't interesting to them.
Keep kicking butt Brew Crew!

So, as for the boys, Jax is really attempting many words. I can tell half the time what he's trying to say and I'm pretty sure he said, "I go outside?" standing by the back door today. Brady is AMAZING with his memory and his neatness. He lines things up perfectly and likes to clean up with me. He will remember where things are put with incredible accuracy. I swear he has a better memory than us!

"Helping" Daddy with the yard work.

Playground fun!

Teaching kids to not go UP the slides is such a task!

Token goat-feeding picture at the pumpkin farm

My attempt at a photo with my little men.

Daddy and Jax on the hayride.

Nana Jayne with Brady on the hayride. WHY is Brady smelling her hands?

In the corn maze!

Hmmm.... which pumpkin?

They're chairs!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Who doesn't sleep with life size cut outs?

The boys had good reports from their individual sessions with the speech therapist on Thursday. Jax isn't giving up any "mm" sounds, but he is jabbering a lot more and I'm able to pick out words sometimes. Brady is giving up sounds during therapy, but not giving up many words spontaneously. I had a long talk with the therapist afterward to ask for some advice. The boys were picked on by some neighbor kids on Wednesday (they've never played with these children before). I was nearby and heard commotion and saw Brady pushing the little boy. I ran over and heard the little boy chanting, "you can't talk! You can't talk!" I assume Brady didn't know what he was saying, but he knew the child was being mean. I broke it up and sent the children home.
The therapist said this is the age where children notice differences in peers and most kids are accepting of differences now. These were obviously not children we regularly play with, and they won't be allowed around again. I think it's natural and great for kids to ask questions, but let's all step in as parents and teach acceptance, it takes a village, right?

I took Jax back to the library for 3 yr old story hour, and he still didn't want to go in. He did play pretty nicely by the puzzles. The librarian came up to the group of us to announce it was story time, then paused, looked at Jax and I and said, "but it's for 3 year olds". All I said was, "yeah".
The parents of the other children were so nice and stepped in. One woman asked if Jax was premature and I said that he was and he had a twin. It just so happened that this woman had premature twins 11 years ago. The other lady told me about her friend's premature little girl and how she had a tube for 2 years. I pointed at Jax and said he still had one, they smiled so big at him and then she proceeded to tell me the little girl was weened off her tube from the boot camp at Children's Hospital. I said we've been trying to get in, but he's still too underweight. The women were so nice and then motioned toward the librarian and told me to ignore ignorance :) I liked them.

The boys did great in school today. The weather is so nice that Jax's class was outside for half of the session and the teacher told me she had 3 aids around Jax at all times because he's such a daredevil. Yup, that sounds like our little bruiser!
Jax had a life-size cut out of himself that he colored on as they learned about body parts. Brady took this to his bed and he's sleeping with it right now - I love these guys! Totally normal, right?

Tonight we watched the Brewers win the playoff series. Jason's work trip for Fargo was canceled last night - yay for us! Although we're doing paperwork tonight now that the game is over - work never ends!
The boys had a blast playing with us while we watched the nail biter. Brady was whipping the Brewer towel around and having a blast. OH, how could I forget... Jax took off all his clothes again and pooped EVERYWHERE during nap time. Thankfully Jason was home to help clean up the mess while I gave Jax a bath. I think I may be rigging the sleep sack somehow to be locked during nap time - any suggestions?

After we put the boys to bed during the last inning of the game, I came down to Jason clenching a pillow with nerves. We won in the 10th inning during overtime - total nail biter!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When do they turn 4?

Well... Jason and I survived a long day of Brewer-fun on Sunday while the boys hung out with Nana Letts. The game was amazing and totally electric since the Brewers haven't been this far since the early 1980's! It was the most fun I've had at a ballgame so far and the game was full of fast paced fun, yet still very slow because of all the long commercial breaks between innings since it was on cable.

Jason has been in Colorado since yesterday, but back tonight, and then I think he's in Fargo Friday and back out somewhere on Sunday night. Things here at home have been pretty steady with the usual schedule.
I took Brady to the library today while Jax was at school and he sat down like such a good boy for about 5 minutes and then he did the EXACT same things that Jax did the last time we were there. He started running in circles talking in his gibberish and then started screaming. He ran to the reading area and ran across the couches. I pulled him out and gave him a warning. Once he calmed down, we went back in and he acted like he was going to behave, but no... he did the same thing. A small 18 month old girl walked up to Brady and his puzzle and pointed at the puzzle saying, 'GRAPES'! My super sweet Brady Beans put his hand on her forehead and shoved her. (!!!!)
Um, you can imagine how profusely I apologized to her mom, who was completely fine and wasn't upset. But wow... it almost seemed like Brady was thinking, "show off!" because she could clearly speak.
Yup, we left, and yes, Brady was kicking and screaming the entire way out to the car.

Jax gave me a nice surprise today (read that very sarcastic). I went to get him from his nap and he took off his sleep sack and diaper. Yup, the kid pooped and peed all over the bed and himself. We had a nice discussion about how you only do that in your diaper or in the potty... he didn't seem impressed by the conversation.
While I was making dinner, I was also wrangling the monkeys. They know when my hands are full and seem to go crazy trashing the house. By the time we sat down for dinner, I was done. But Brady was not. I made us lasagna and green beans and he clearly wanted something else and threw his entire cup of milk on the floor while screaming. Yes, it exploded and then I nearly did as well. I sent him to his bed for a little bit. Once he stopped crying, I got him out and he gave me a hug and kiss. He then sat at the table without making a sound. Well now, that certainly worked, but I'm totally over today! I can't wait for Daddy to come home...
(take deep breaths Annie)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tons of ball games!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm sure ready for the weekend! Jason has been gone this whole week, so he's tired from traveling and I'm tired from handling it all alone. Many of you know what that is all like.
The boys speech therapist talked to me a bit after Jax's session and didn't really tell me anything that I didn't already know. He said the boys were "glottal" and they speak from the back of their throat. That's why letters that require the use of their lips are hard for them (like, MAMA). The therapist brought up Speech Apraxia again stating that the boys are definitely showing signs (as in, they may be headed toward that diagnosis in the future), but that the current path of therapy is still appropriate. I think he's trying to ease me into this. After I googled it, sure... I suppose I would need some easing for that.

Otherwise, the boys loved school today. I'm so sad that Brady seems to HATE coming out of class and going home to me. He didn't want to let go of the teacher's hand. Jax is the opposite. When he comes out of school, he runs into my arms and squeezes me tight.

I was able to get out of the house for a few hours on Friday night with my friend Rachel. She had purchased a 'Groupon' to attend a session at Sips n' Strokes. You follow an instructor painting a picture while you enjoy an adult beverage - awesome! You can see my beautiful rendition of this outing below. I suggest to anyone who might like to get out with friends for something different and fun!

So the state of Wisconsin is in a flurry today for sports. The Badgers, Packers and Brewers are all playing at home, and you can all bet that Jason is out of his mind and over the moon that we're going to a home playoff game of the Brewers on Sunday. Jason happens to be at the Badger game this evening (Saturday) since his cousin so nicely gave him some tickets!
We did the AIDS Walk of WI this morning, and while the opening ceremonies held at the Summer Fest grounds were a bit chilly, it warmed up to be a gorgeous fall day.
We have a busy little weekend of activities, so we're glad to finally see the sun after 5 days of rain!

The boys like to get themselves stuck in boxes... I don't know why either...

Does anyone else have this problem? I mean... where is the fridge?!

The boys greeting the questionable dog-guy at the AIDS walk.

Jax enjoying the band from Daddy's shoulders.

Some of my girls with Brady and I during the walk.
Looks like Van Gogh's Mulberry Tree hey? Well, I tried, and I actually got better after a glass of wine!