Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Dentist Appointment

The boys seem to be doing or saying something new every day. It's so great to see progress. Jax's teacher was beaming when I picked him up yesterday. She said he had his best day so far and that it was mainly do to a lot of one-on-one attention for the activities. She said he was attentive and attempted everything - yay! I have my first school conference for Jax next Thursday to see his overall progress so far.

I took the boys to the park last night since Jason was out of town and it was still so nice out (read: I was bored and ran out of ideas). These warm days are really fleeting by the minute now.

Brady started a bad runny nose and a slight overnight cough on Monday. Sure enough, Jax started it today, although his coughing is picking up a tiny bit by the end of the evening here. I tried to give him an extra Pulmicort nebulizer treatment after his nap, but he refused. He's so used to taking his nebulizer treatment each night before bed that he seemed totally put off that this was not at his usual time. I have NO idea where he gets this need for a strict schedule (read very sarcastically). So I'll be giving him a bit extra in his treatment after bed time and hoping Tylenol and some Vick's vapor rub helps the boys sleep a bit better. Lets hope for no need of a rescue Albuterol treament. But so far, so good. I can't complain since the boys didn't get any illness for the first 6 weeks of school, and this one doesn't even seem to be too bad. No complaints from me!

We took the boys to their first dentist appointment today. The office we went to is strictly pediatric, and they did great. Brady took the hand of the hygienist right away and he did AWESOME. They showed the boys all the different tools, let them touch everything and explained everything perfectly. Brady had no problem at all laying down to get his teeth cleaned and examined. Now Jaxon was NOT as happy to have his mouth examined. He had to lay between me and the hygienist for the cleaning while screaming and flailing and then the same with the dentist for the exam. He only gagged once and no pukes!

Brady's teeth are great, but his bottom back teeth are starting to touch, so we have to stay on top of flossing back there. Jax's teeth are surprisingly great as well! There is some plaque build up on his front bottom teeth that they said all tube-fed children have because of the lack of chewing, but it's actually a good thing for children, unlike adults, so they left it there. Jax has adequate space between all his teeth, so brushing will continue to keep his teeth healthy. The hygienist said that the year that Jax had his mouth and stomach bypassed, may have saved him from the decay that I was worried about. We just need to make sure he drinks water after every vomit.
The staff was so proud to see such healthy gums and teeth on the boys, yay! I'll take any and all clean bills of health.
Now... anyone have a suggestion to good dental insurance? Now that the entire family goes, this would finally be a good idea. Ouch on the out-of-pocket expense!

Before we got to the dentist, we stopped off at Jax's school so he could get his school picture taken. I only ordered a few wallets because we just got family pics done and it's not fair to get pics of Jax and not Brady. Either way, Jax needed to have it taken for the class composite. He was such a little stud in his little zip up sweater flirting with a teacher. He sat for the photo and gave a big cheese grin!

This would be Brady laying down before the hygienist could even start to explain all the tools!

Here the boys are touching the suction hose and squirting the rinser all over.


Jamie said...

YAY! I'm so glad it went so well.

Melissa said...

Yay for a great dental exam. We have Delta Dental for our dental insurance and for just a routine cleaning we have zero out of pocket expenses.

Wendy said...

aw! I'm glad they had a good appointment- I still haven't taken M&L :/ opps.

Annie and Jason said...

@ Wendy -
It's not that big of deal that you haven't taken the girls. We needed to go and check for decay in Jax's mouth because of all his vomiting and lack of mouth-use. We probably would've waited even longer as well if we didn't have a pressing issue to check out!

Olivia said...

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Ed said...

You should've gone to his school after the dentist appointment. His school photo would have be nicer, since the dentist finished checking his teeth. Anyway, could you share his school photo here? I would like to see it!

Ed Hochhalter

kewiesterrock said...

We went to the office is strictly pediatric, and their great. Brady the health worker's hand and he did not immediately awesome.

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