Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meds for Big B

I got Brady into the doctor while Jax was in school (yeah!) and he has an ear infection. The doc said she was suspecting a sinus infection if she didn't find an infected ear given the length of his symptoms. She had to look way back in his file to see what antibiotics he's ever had and it turns out he's had meds once in '09 and once in '10, so I can't complain about him getting sick enough for meds once a year!
This is quite the nasty little virus that hit our house. It gave Jax Walking Pneumonia and an infected ear for Brady. I've had bad cold symptoms now for the past 2 days, ugh - not liking the cold season so far!

Hopefully Brady Beans will feel better in a few days and we can stop going to the doctor!

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Richard said...

Get well soon Brady. Hope your felling all right. Follow the doctor's advise and take your medicine.