Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Brady Beans

Just a quick check in. Brady's cold symptoms are definitely on the rise and he's started a fever again today (101.2). His diarrhea and cough has really ramped up too. I'm going to take him in to the doctor and see if we find any infections. I still don't know if this is a ramp up of a 3-week cold (which would DEFINITELY mean infection) or if this is a new cold on day 6, where he'd be having "normal" symptoms at this point. Poor guy.

Jax has a random day of school tomorrow rather than Friday since the school is closed Friday, so it would be great if I could squeeze Brady in at the doctor while Jax is in school (in his dino costume for a Halloween party). But life doesn't usually work out that great with timing! We'll see. I'll update tomorrow after we've seen the doctor.

A random update about Big B is that he's been falling out of bed the last few nights. How random?? He hits the hardwood floor so  hard and LOUD. The first time I ran up and he was tangled in his blanket all delirious. Last night he seemed kind of embarrassed when I checked on him, and he wouldn't look up at me. Tonight I tucked his blanket in tight and put a pillow down on the part of the bed that doesn't have railing.

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