Sunday, October 23, 2011

Proud pumpkins

We had a quiet weekend of getting odds and ends done and letting the boys heal up. Jaxon is definitely out of the danger zone and didn't wake up at all on Saturday night - yay! He is almost done with his antibiotics and he's displaying more of a regular cold now. Brady's cold symptoms have gotten worse and you can tell he has moments of feeling really crummy. He had a low grade temp early this morning, but nothing after that. If he has a temp at all tomorrow, I may run him to the doctor to have his ears and throat checked to make sure it's not a continuation from his original cold that started all this. He was whimpering a few times off and on this weekend and I asked if he had a boo-boo in his ear and he said yes. But I also asked if elephants fly and he said yes as well, so who knows. I have my eye on him for sure.
I was able to get out to run a few errands, including getting my flu shot. Jason and I did a LOT of paperwork together, and I still have a pile waiting for me. Jason left this evening for an early morning meeting in Minnesota. I found out he'll be gone the last half of the week again, so let's get those healthy vibes in the house!

(sigh) I tried to give the boys a pajama-day, but Brady was confused why. So he stripped down and as usual, he put on his rain boots and hat.

The boys decorated pumpkins!

Jax was VERY proud!

They didn't leave these pumpkins alone.

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