Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunny pumpkin days!

Who didn't love the gorgeous weather last weekend? We were able to run errands (we're re-doing our foyer floor next weekend) and take the kids to the park. We worked on the yard to get it ready for fall and winter and Jason and I finally caught up on our DVR together that evening. On Sunday we went to a pumpkin farm with my mom and had some fun on a hayride and a corn maze. Although Brady had a breakdown when the tracker drove away which resulted in a small fit needing a time out. My mom and I made some centerpieces with the fun mini pumpkins and gourds that we picked out.

Oh, and our new truck (well, new to us) is broken. We noticed an odd sound while turning and it totally escalated this last week. We took it to our trusty neighborhood mechanic and sure enough, the entire drive transmission blew. Hello warranty! Our dealership is picking the truck up on a flat bed today to bring it back to their shop to fix it. God forbid they just pay our local place, right? So, we're hoping it's done by the end of tomorrow so Jay can re-direct his flight to Chicago and just drive it home tomorrow night when he comes home from his trip in St.Louis (he flew out yesterday afternoon).
Poor Jason had to watch the Brewer/Cardinals game IN St.Louis yesterday and today. I watch with the boys and love having Brady wave the towel around with every run. Although we do a lot of coloring and playing with cars during the other parts that aren't interesting to them.
Keep kicking butt Brew Crew!

So, as for the boys, Jax is really attempting many words. I can tell half the time what he's trying to say and I'm pretty sure he said, "I go outside?" standing by the back door today. Brady is AMAZING with his memory and his neatness. He lines things up perfectly and likes to clean up with me. He will remember where things are put with incredible accuracy. I swear he has a better memory than us!

"Helping" Daddy with the yard work.

Playground fun!

Teaching kids to not go UP the slides is such a task!

Token goat-feeding picture at the pumpkin farm

My attempt at a photo with my little men.

Daddy and Jax on the hayride.

Nana Jayne with Brady on the hayride. WHY is Brady smelling her hands?

In the corn maze!

Hmmm.... which pumpkin?

They're chairs!

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