Friday, October 21, 2011

Turned a good corner

Jax has not gotten worse and he checked out decent at the doctor office today. Jax got to see his regular pediatrician today and she confirmed that he has Walking Pneumonia. She said it's not as severe as regular pneumonia, but with Jax, anything can become severe. She's assuming it spread throughout our house, but Jax's body couldn't fight it like ours did/is.
Jax is to continue his antibiotics and his inhaled meds as well. He's still having a hard time at night, but hopefully after the weekend, he'll start sleeping better.
Brady's nose has started leaking like a faucet again today and a cough rearing back up. The doctor isn't sure if his symptoms have ramped back up, or if he started a new cold already. Since his sleeping/playing/eating isn't affected, and his history is very stable, we'll see how he does through the week. He may have gotten a sinus infection from the original cold or like I said, just starting a new one. The doctor said we should know by the end of the week. We're trying really hard to not give unnecessary antibiotics.
Jax is doing a bit better with the handheld inhaler/mask since he only needs the mask on for about 10 seconds, so that seems to help. I gave Jax nothing but a slow Pedialyte pump for the last day, so he's hydrated and seems to be doing OK with a little food now. I'm a bit nervous to see how he does overnight tonight with some food in him. The last time he did, he had about 6 vomiting episodes over night.

I have a cute comment to make about each boy. Brady hoards toys in his bed. He grabs a few toys before nap or bedtime and he loves to play in bed before falling asleep. I have to keep taking a few downstairs otherwise he'd have 100 toys up there. The cute thing is, I can hear him pretending to play and it MELTS my heart! He is such a creative and imaginative little dude. He also decided he wanted to wear his winter hat and rain boots all day inside the house.
Jax went into his backpack and pulled out his extra shirt (to change into at school if he pukes on himself). He walks up to me and says, "shuur!" I said, "yes, that's your shirt", he then says, "ON!" I love these unprompted words and commands! I think it's only a matter time that this kid will be busting out sentences :)

Yes, the boots are on the wrong feet and his nose is running, but he's happy!

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