Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When do they turn 4?

Well... Jason and I survived a long day of Brewer-fun on Sunday while the boys hung out with Nana Letts. The game was amazing and totally electric since the Brewers haven't been this far since the early 1980's! It was the most fun I've had at a ballgame so far and the game was full of fast paced fun, yet still very slow because of all the long commercial breaks between innings since it was on cable.

Jason has been in Colorado since yesterday, but back tonight, and then I think he's in Fargo Friday and back out somewhere on Sunday night. Things here at home have been pretty steady with the usual schedule.
I took Brady to the library today while Jax was at school and he sat down like such a good boy for about 5 minutes and then he did the EXACT same things that Jax did the last time we were there. He started running in circles talking in his gibberish and then started screaming. He ran to the reading area and ran across the couches. I pulled him out and gave him a warning. Once he calmed down, we went back in and he acted like he was going to behave, but no... he did the same thing. A small 18 month old girl walked up to Brady and his puzzle and pointed at the puzzle saying, 'GRAPES'! My super sweet Brady Beans put his hand on her forehead and shoved her. (!!!!)
Um, you can imagine how profusely I apologized to her mom, who was completely fine and wasn't upset. But wow... it almost seemed like Brady was thinking, "show off!" because she could clearly speak.
Yup, we left, and yes, Brady was kicking and screaming the entire way out to the car.

Jax gave me a nice surprise today (read that very sarcastic). I went to get him from his nap and he took off his sleep sack and diaper. Yup, the kid pooped and peed all over the bed and himself. We had a nice discussion about how you only do that in your diaper or in the potty... he didn't seem impressed by the conversation.
While I was making dinner, I was also wrangling the monkeys. They know when my hands are full and seem to go crazy trashing the house. By the time we sat down for dinner, I was done. But Brady was not. I made us lasagna and green beans and he clearly wanted something else and threw his entire cup of milk on the floor while screaming. Yes, it exploded and then I nearly did as well. I sent him to his bed for a little bit. Once he stopped crying, I got him out and he gave me a hug and kiss. He then sat at the table without making a sound. Well now, that certainly worked, but I'm totally over today! I can't wait for Daddy to come home...
(take deep breaths Annie)


Jennifer said...

I think 3 will be the death of me, too

Laney said...

The 3's were tough, & you have it x's 2. YIKES! They are getting so big:)

Michele said...

Oh, 3. You are not my friend. I love my daughter dearly but I will be so happy when 4 rolls around.