Friday, October 7, 2011

Who doesn't sleep with life size cut outs?

The boys had good reports from their individual sessions with the speech therapist on Thursday. Jax isn't giving up any "mm" sounds, but he is jabbering a lot more and I'm able to pick out words sometimes. Brady is giving up sounds during therapy, but not giving up many words spontaneously. I had a long talk with the therapist afterward to ask for some advice. The boys were picked on by some neighbor kids on Wednesday (they've never played with these children before). I was nearby and heard commotion and saw Brady pushing the little boy. I ran over and heard the little boy chanting, "you can't talk! You can't talk!" I assume Brady didn't know what he was saying, but he knew the child was being mean. I broke it up and sent the children home.
The therapist said this is the age where children notice differences in peers and most kids are accepting of differences now. These were obviously not children we regularly play with, and they won't be allowed around again. I think it's natural and great for kids to ask questions, but let's all step in as parents and teach acceptance, it takes a village, right?

I took Jax back to the library for 3 yr old story hour, and he still didn't want to go in. He did play pretty nicely by the puzzles. The librarian came up to the group of us to announce it was story time, then paused, looked at Jax and I and said, "but it's for 3 year olds". All I said was, "yeah".
The parents of the other children were so nice and stepped in. One woman asked if Jax was premature and I said that he was and he had a twin. It just so happened that this woman had premature twins 11 years ago. The other lady told me about her friend's premature little girl and how she had a tube for 2 years. I pointed at Jax and said he still had one, they smiled so big at him and then she proceeded to tell me the little girl was weened off her tube from the boot camp at Children's Hospital. I said we've been trying to get in, but he's still too underweight. The women were so nice and then motioned toward the librarian and told me to ignore ignorance :) I liked them.

The boys did great in school today. The weather is so nice that Jax's class was outside for half of the session and the teacher told me she had 3 aids around Jax at all times because he's such a daredevil. Yup, that sounds like our little bruiser!
Jax had a life-size cut out of himself that he colored on as they learned about body parts. Brady took this to his bed and he's sleeping with it right now - I love these guys! Totally normal, right?

Tonight we watched the Brewers win the playoff series. Jason's work trip for Fargo was canceled last night - yay for us! Although we're doing paperwork tonight now that the game is over - work never ends!
The boys had a blast playing with us while we watched the nail biter. Brady was whipping the Brewer towel around and having a blast. OH, how could I forget... Jax took off all his clothes again and pooped EVERYWHERE during nap time. Thankfully Jason was home to help clean up the mess while I gave Jax a bath. I think I may be rigging the sleep sack somehow to be locked during nap time - any suggestions?

After we put the boys to bed during the last inning of the game, I came down to Jason clenching a pillow with nerves. We won in the 10th inning during overtime - total nail biter!


Christina said...

So packing tape all around the diaper full 360 around the waist keeps the diapers on durring sleep times! I use packing tape at night because K and J use disposables at night, durring the day for naps I have to pin with the baby cloth diaper pins whatever article of clothing the are wearing to keep them on (you could use the pins on the sleep sack mabe but we never used the sleep sack here) the stage passes trust me of the so far of all m kids onl 1 was not prone to taking it all off, I can't wait for the twins to get over this phase fast!

Melissa said...

Thats horrible those little boys were teasing your guys. I agree with you in parents stepping in...but for the most part it seems they let their kids do whatever they least what I have experienced and it ticks me off!!!

I love the pic of your funny.

Jaime said...

Annie - I've been thinking about you all day...since my St. Louis Cardinals landed in Milwaukee. :)

Your librarian is a piece of work! If I recall correctly, someone there has said things like that to you before in these last few weeks! Don't let her bother you - and I'm so glad those ladies stepped in. Connor and Logan were 4.2 and 4.11, and are also still small at age 3, 2.5 months. People are so darn rude!

Michele said...

Is the pooping party a premature twin thing or what?? My brother and sister were born at 32 weeks back in the early 80's and being 8 years older, I very clearly remember this phase and my mother scrubbing poop off the walls almost every day. Ufda. They absolutely did outgrow it and are very normal, happy adults with their own families now. :)

Anonymous said...

My girls are 3.5 now and in preschool with girls that are 4 and 5. We just transitioned to this class in September and I was so not prepared for the mean girl attitude! One girl made fun of Caden because she had boy shoes on (they were Toy Story and lit up, Caden loved them). It sucks! We've talked a lot about what they can say and how to deal with this, but I really thought we had more years until this hit.