Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And now there are hives...

Ahhh yes, I can't imagine anything more fun than finding hives on your child right as your pediatrician's office is about to close. Brady took a late nap today and got up a bit after 4pm. Jason noticed Brady scratching his head and neck and sure enough, the kid had hives. I called the pediatrician right away and I had to wait for a call back. The nurse called back saying the doctor is calling in a new antibiotic for Brady and she wanted to see him in the morning as long as he wasn't showing anything more severe over night.
So one of two things is happening here. Either Brady is allergic to the antibiotic that he was Rx'd with from Urgent Care last night (which was Cefdinir) or this is a new symptom to his current illness. I assume he had a reaction to the med, but I'll follow doctor's orders and bring him in tomorrow. This will be the 6th time to the doctor in the last few weeks.
It's still better than a hospitalization, but man... I could use a third hand, or a housekeeper. Yup, I'd pick a housekeeper!

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