Sunday, November 13, 2011

How many trips to the pharmacy is normal?

The boys and I got some good bonding time in this weekend since it felt like week-days without any appointments, school or therapy. We even got to attend a party for a friend who did a big reveal of her twin's gender with frosting-filled cupcakes for the surprise. The boys ran around like crazy men, and then they calmed down for the last half and I was able to enjoy a conversation or two.
Rachel came over Saturday night to have some girly time with me, so that was nice! Brady woke up screaming around 1am on Friday night and I can only assume it was a bad dream. He woke up tonight after 1 hour in bed screaming again. He is fine once I come in and soothe him, so I'm not sure what that's all about. He still has a slight cough, but otherwise doing pretty great.

Brady gave me quite the surprise on Saturday morning. I was cuddling with Jax on the couch watching a cartoon and realized the house was quiet. I got up to see Brady emptying his antibiotic bottle in the sink! Mind you, this was on the top shelf in the fridge and it has a child-proof cap on it. HOW does he get into this stuff? It's made me re-think how I store all of Jax's medication bottles now!
Well I called our pediatrician's office and the nurse answered. I told her what happened and she laughed hysterically (she knows Brady well). She said she was glad it was nothing toxic (2 doses of antibiotic) but she had the doctor call more meds into the pharmacy for me to pick up. Ahhhh yes, I can only imagine the future antics!

I can't get enough of tiny people with their hands in their pockets!

Nope, doesn't get old.

Uncle D and Brady chillin' at the party.

Auntie Rachel with her hands full of 3 yr olds!


Jacoblrishly said...

We even got to appear a affair for a acquaintance who did a big acknowledge of her twin's gender with frosting-filled cupcakes for the surprise.


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